Larksfoot Inspired 12″ Granny Square


Hello friends and friends, welcome to the site Love Quilting where we all love the world of crafts, and we devote ourselves every day to learn. To improve our skills and experience it is important to have love and dedication in what we do.


A pattern of crochet is always innovated, there are several types of patterns and come from a come idea of several. In this post I leave a pattern of crochet for you called Larksfoot Inspired 12 “Granny Square, there is the smaller granny square and this is a larger size, the same thing is only bigger size, but this pattern has a different details than normal.

Grandmother’s Square is a classic crochet pattern, much used for beginners, very common as it is an easier pattern to do. But whatever your level of skill and experience in the world of crochet, you must always have dedication.

The instructions below in the name will help you learn how to crochet in Grandma’s classic square. Enjoy every information that contains and good work for you, I hope you like it.



Instruction for Larksfoot Inspired 12″ Granny Square 

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