Leaf Quilt Blocks


Versatile, functional, biodegradable, the sisal rug has been gaining more and more space in interior decoration. This is because, the pieces made with these natural fibers allow the exploration of different textures and styles in the environment. They can be found in their most natural version or painted. The sisal rug can even receive the application of other fabrics in its structure, such as cotton. Therefore, it is even difficult to imagine a corner of the house without the presence of such a special piece. In this Post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Leaf Quilt Blocks.


The sisal rug can be incorporated in the most different environments, with the exception of damp rooms in the house such as the backyard, bathroom and laundry. This is because, its structure, which is composed of natural fibers when in contact with moisture, can impair its durability characteristics, which is not good.

In case you don’t know, sisal, the material that makes up the structure of these rugs, is made from the extraction of the Agave Sislana plant.

Free Crochet Pattern: Leaf Quilt Blocks


And for the curious on duty, be aware that Brazil stands out as one of the largest producers of sisal in the world behind only Mexico, its country of origin. Why invest in a sisal rug in home decor?

The natural sisal rug is versatile, timeless and functional, as it harmonizes easily with the most different styles of decoration, which helps a lot when decorating; The natural fibers that form the structure of the sisal carpet are very resistant, so they are pieces that have a good durability; They are ecologically correct, because when the sial carpet is discarded in the finished nature it decomposes faster due to its structure being formed by natural fibers;

It can be easily cleaned, without the need for a damp cloth; They are non-slip, making them ideal for use on stairs and in busy environments with the presence of children, which is great.

Environments with relaxed decor call for differentiated furniture and decorative items, right? Therefore, a great option to put yourself in such a room is a colorful sisal rug that will give that charm to the environment. However, the tip here is to pay attention to the set of information of the environment so that the presence of the colored sisal carpet does not leave the place loaded and heavy.

Clean decorated spaces, for example, can gain a new face by including a colorful sisal rug, since the piece connects with other decorative items present in the room. There is a project where the sisal rug with a blue edge harmonizes perfectly with the set of sofas.

The sisal rug can receive delicate and discreet details in its manufacture. In the living room below, the residents chose to choose a sisal rug mixed with weft made in geometric designs and zigzag. In addition, the sisal rug can easily harmonize with colorful furniture such as yellow, blue, green sofa and so on.

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