Sage & Sea Glass – Star Chain Quilt


When we think of chandeliers, flashy models usually come to mind, which stand out in the environment and also tend to be expensive. However, in a simple search in the lighting market it is possible to find simple chandeliers, these also offer a certain prominence to the room, but in a more measured way, without leaving the aesthetics loaded. The chandelier for a simple room, for example, is a model developed just for rooms that have a simpler decoration, without very flashy furniture or colorful props. In this post we’ll see more about it and you’ll learn how to make an amazing Sage & Sea Glass – Star Chain Quilt.


The same occurs in the simple chandelier for the dining room, since we are talking about a type that has the function of offering the highlight only to the other elements of the environment. When it comes to simple chandeliers, therefore, your intention to set up a discreet and clean room is, yes, very possible and even without requiring a high investment, everything is practical and fast. Star Chain Quilt designed by Kim Diehl for Henry Glass Fabrics

Free Pattern Available: Sage & Sea Glass – Star Chain Quilt

Unlike classic models, such as crystal chandeliers, we have simple and inexpensive living room chandeliers, something that can also be found in types for specific rooms, such as the simple and cheap chandelier which helps a lot when choosing. If you are in the stage of buying items for lighting your home, do not be afraid to opt for simple chandeliers.


Continue reading our text and check out a series of information about the main models of the market. Take the opportunity to take a look at our gallery with beautiful models of simple chandeliers that are sure to inspire you when decorating your home.

The chandelier for a simple room is almost a two-way model. It can be understood as a simple chandelier and suitable for living rooms and at the same time a chandelier that has all the necessary characteristics to serve as an element of a room that, in turn, draws attention for being discreet. Here, we will establish the view that this turns out to be a model of simple chandeliers.

That said, we can establish some characteristics of the chandelier for a simple room, such as the absence of flashy details and the functional concentration in the luminous capacity, what is the use of a chandelier that does not illuminate?

This means that this, like many other simple chandeliers on the market, should have lighting as its main feature, with few decorative elements, making it a perfect type for minimalist and contemporary decorations. There are also simple and inexpensive chandeliers, which attract attention because they are more affordable than usual and are very practical.

It is important to highlight this variety of the market mainly because many think there is a directly proportional relationship between low value and simple chandeliers, when in fact this is not the case. Simple chandeliers, in fact, can be quite expensive depending on the material used in the production of the pieces, so stay tuned.

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