Morgana Square


The planned couples’ rooms certainly need an extra place for organizing decorative objects and works of art. In this case, you can choose niches that are part of furniture, such as cabinets and headboards to store your favorite objects. The niches can be used to support books, boxes, pictures, lamps, picture frames and more. The important thing is to keep the environment organized and harmonious with the decor. In small rooms, niches can play a crucial role in making the most of each available space creatively. The headboard location is one of the most common points used in couples’ rooms to have a dedicated space. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make this beautiful Morgana Square.


In rooms that have a corner for Home Office, its use is highly recommended, since it is necessary to house mandatory materials and that facilitate the execution of a professional job, it is due to this, the place can sometimes get messy. Another way to take advantage of this space is by investing in dedicated lighting with LED strips and light spots.

Free Available Pattern: Morgana Square

It is a simple and practical way to highlight objects and create a unique effect for the environment. To facilitate your search, we have separated beautiful references of different types and niches approaches in couples’ rooms. Get inspired by these ideas: Replace the traditional nightstand with a niche on the floor. An alternative to innovate in the design of the double bedroom is to work the furniture in another way, especially when it comes to the niche which is a super versatile and functional furniture that can be used in many places. The room divider has a recessed niche that runs up to the head of the bed. Try to work the materials in a harmonic way so that there is not a mixture of colors and textures.


The niche of the niche is to work the depth of the furniture. With the niche it is possible to work different depths depending on the space available. In small areas, such as in the corridor, the best is a narrower niche, as well as walls with a small thickness. Another bedside table idea built right into the headboard. He can even get a corner for the dog. Take advantage of the space under the bed to insert some niches to store your wives. This is the best way to optimize your space. If you want to hide, just put a longer quilt to cover the entire bed. Move the bedroom wall with these plaster niches.

There is a mini version for those looking for something discreet and minimalist. You may notice that the depth of the niche is small due to the thickness of the headboard, but it is enough to place necessary objects during the night. The dresser can have a composition of niches that will make room for towels and bedding. Take advantage of the plaster niche to insert some lighting spots. The lighting in the niches further highlights the decorative objects used in them. The nightstand can come suspended from the floor, leading to a feeling of lightness in the environment.

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