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Having a glass table at home can make the task of cleaning very practical. This type of furniture often does not even require the use of table cloths and gives a refined touch to the environment. Of course, you need to be careful. Glass is a material that can be considered fragile and that is why attention is needed on a daily basis and also in the cleaning process. Cleaning a glass table is much more practical than other types of table, such as wooden ones. Still, even if you bet on tablecloths (plastic or cloth) you will need to clean the furniture. Whether on a daily basis or on a general day at home. In this post you will learn more about it and also how to make a beautiful Wyoming Valley Quilt Block.


Each type of glass receives a different cleaning. If your table is smooth glass, you have more possibilities of materials to remove dirt, you can use sponges and cloths, for example. Now if the glass is “wrinkled” it may be necessary to bet on some extra elements, like an old toothbrush. Tempered glass on the other hand will not allow you to use abrasive substances, as there is a possibility of scratching. We recommend that you search the internet for some video tutorials to help you clean your table according to your type of problem and your type of glass.

Free Pattern Available: Wyoming Valley Quilt Block

Look for everything you will need to clean your table. A sponge or soft cloth, cleans glasses, alcohol, vinegar, neutral detergent, water and old toothbrush for wrinkled glasses. Keep all materials close to the glass table. Did you notice that the glass on your table is greasy and dirty? You will have a little more work and you should not start by wiping the window cleaner. First it is recommended to use paper towels to remove any excess fat. This way you won’t have to scrub the table surface as much (which is not recommended for some types of glass).


If your table has tempered glass, you will need a little more care when cleaning it. Use only water, neutral detergent, a soft sponge and a soft, lint-free cloth. If you have glass cleaner at home, you can use it instead of water and detergent. To help with the task, you can bet on a spray bottle. Prepare a mixture of equal parts water and detergent. If you used the spray bottle, apply directly on the table, if not, wet the sponge and rub lightly on the glass.

Preferably use the softer side of the sponge (if you prefer to use a crockery, the yellow side). Let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Even if you applied it on the table with the help of the sponge. Rub again (if you used the spray bottle, rub it first). Finish the task with a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove the soap and finish with a dry cloth to polish the glass. If you prefer, you can also use paper towels in the drying section, but use with care.

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