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Wicker furniture has that little cottage style that everyone loves. But it is not only in country homes that the material can be used. On the contrary, nowadays it is increasingly common to see urban houses decorated with chairs, tables, armchairs and wicker benches. And it is no less. The need to create more homely and cozy environments has highlighted wicker furniture. But, after all, do you know what wicker is? If you want to know, keep following the post because we will teach you more about it and also how to make a beautiful Mosaic Granny Square Afghan.


 Wicker is that typical braid made with the natural fiber of the branches of a well known tree: the willow. However, other species of plants can also be used for making wicker, among them are sugarcane and bamboo, they have the same result. There is also synthetic wicker, which is stronger and more durable than natural wicker. And since it is to talk about wicker furniture that we are here, we have made a selection of the most important topics involving the material to help you adhere to this concept of furniture in your home. Keep following the post:

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How to use and care for wicker furniture
On the balcony yes, but not only there
It is very common to believe that wicker furniture should be used solely and exclusively on balconies and outdoor areas for its style. If you think so too, know that you are very wrong. Wicker furniture can be used indoors as well, such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms because they match almost anything. For the home, the tip is to mix traditional furniture with one wicker furniture, so you do not risk the wrong dose and can still combine the material with different decoration proposals, from the most rustic to the most modern. .


One way to do this is by combining rattan armchairs with the sofa or rattan stools on an American counter, for example, that leaves the ambience with an amazing touch. Main differences between natural and synthetic wicker. Synthetic wicker is more durable and durable than natural wicker. This is basically the main difference between the two types. The synthetic wicker is also waterproof, which makes it a better choice for outdoor areas.

How to clean the wicker
Wicker cleaning is a very important detail that should be noted. The characteristic twisting of the material makes cleaning a little more difficult and laborious than usual, especially in natural wicker furniture, as the fiber cannot be washed. In this case, the tip is to clean with a damp sponge, then dry with the aid of a clean cloth. Another way to clean is by using the vacuum cleaner brush nozzle. Since the synthetic wicker can be washed with water and mild soap, the only exception is for wickers that carry paper in the composition. In this case, choose to clean it in the same way as natural wicker. How about starting to use the wicker for decoration.

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