River’s Walk Shawl


Along with the industrial-style décor also came the concrete bench. Except long before this trend, it already existed. This type of bench was used decades ago, but with a slightly different purpose, usually designed only for outdoor areas, balconies and rustic-style gardens. It was the modern, industrial decor that brought the concrete bench into the house and made it the star of the living room, the lobby, and even closets and dining rooms. In this post you will see more about it and you can make a beautiful River’s Walk Shawl.


Concrete benches can take different shapes as the material is super moldable. You can choose either a large long concrete bench or a tall one-person stool. And one of the biggest advantages of the concrete bench is the price. The material is cheap and you have the option to make your own bank, you can get inspired from the many tutorials available on the internet – including this post, which you will see next.

Pattern Available: River’s Walk Shawl

However it is also possible to buy a ready-made concrete bench or to make a custom one with that fellow bricklayer you know. Either way, the concrete bench is a great choice for renewing the look of your home by spending little money and investing in modern and up-to-date materials and being fully customizable.


Materials required to make concrete bench
1 bucket
1 sandpaper
1 square
1 bowl
1 Mug
1 pot
1 Hacksaw
4 Pieces of wood (for making feet)

Another type of concrete bench that has been very successful these days is one that uses concrete and wood blocks in its structure. The concrete benches still accept very well any kind of customization, that is, when ready you can paint them in any color you want, creating geometric shapes, abstract or whatever you think suits the piece. And since making a concrete bank is papaya with sugar, how about being inspired by beautiful and creative pieces that are being successful around there? You can see various models on the internet.

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