Namaqualand Blanket Pattern


The wooden floor is one of the most used in the renovation or construction of a residence. They are classified by their composition originating from different products, despite having the same raw material. A very common question is the difference between the models offered on the market, and wood carpet also comes into this issue. Wood carpet is a thin sheet of natural wood glued and pressed to a processed wood base. In general, the wood carpet is much thinner than the traditional floors, with thickness between five and seven millimeters. It is a floor covering that simulates the effect of wood, although it is made with various materials. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Namaqualand Blanket Pattern.


The wooden carpet can be installed quite easily on the subfloor or above a tiled floor. Unlike wooden floors, it is not glued or screwed to the floor, but only placed on a separation blanket, male and female fittings are used to fasten one piece to another, practical, easy and quick. To keep them in place, the footer is installed at the edges. The main advantages of wooden carpet are the price, its wood-like visual appearance and the comfort it provides due to its thermal insulation.

Free Available Pattern: Namaqualand Blanket Pattern

As a disadvantage, the wooden carpet has a reduced durability, low resistance to water contact and low acoustic insulation, which can generate noise when walking or when touching objects. Both materials have similar characteristics in their composition, which differs is the final coating that is used. Where the wood carpet has the wood sheet finish and the laminate is covered by a Formica blade. These laminates feature wood prints that really mimic the look of the material.


The durability of the laminate is longer than that of wood carpeting, but lower than that of wood flooring. Nevertheless, with proper care and maintenance, wooden carpets are economical and durable. A functional piece, easy to use and put on, very beautiful and that helps a lot.

How To Clean Wood Carpet
Because it has a delicate finish, its care requires special maintenance. The first tip is to avoid contact with water and to exclude the use of waxes. Occasionally, you can use a damp cloth with soap and water to remove stains, but you must wring the cloth well to leave it excessively before wiping the floor. In everyday life, a broom is a great function to keep the floor always clean and beautiful! How about using everything you’ve learned and start using carpet?

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