Crochet Perfect Doily


It’s everywhere: on Pinterest, home decor magazines, and home centers. Do you know who we’re talking about? Yes, of himself, the wire pendant or wire pendant, as it is also known. This type of pendant has become a strong trend in interior decoration and has gained all this fame and success thanks to the industrial style that popularized it. Technically, the wire pendant does not differ greatly from other types of pendants. It remains a structure made to illuminate the environment, positioned a few feet away from the ceiling. In this post you will see more about it and you can make a delicate Crochet Perfect Doily.


However, what sets it apart from other models is the open and apparent appearance. The wire pendant is made of metal and has no finish that conceals the lamp or the internal structure. This “unfinished” look of the wire pendant is what makes it so desired and wanted in modern, stripped and youthful decorations, it is very beautiful and leaves a special touch in the environment.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Perfect Doily

Even worth mentioning an interesting curiosity about the wire pendant. This type of pendant integrates a technique known as wireframe, that is, pieces that were initially used as a basis for making other pieces, as if it were a mold or a “skeleton” of the original product and that eventually became the final product. The wire pendant can be found in different colors, shapes and sizes, each one is more beautiful and stylish than the other. And it is noteworthy that for each decoration proposal and for each environment there is a type of wire pendant that best suits.


The wire pendant in metallic shades such as copper, gold, rosé gold and silver give the decor a more glamorous and sophisticated feel, while not losing its modern and irreverent effect. The white or black wire pendant is perfect for those modern environments with a minimalist, neutral and clean style. The classic and traditional decorations can also rely on the use of wire pendant, especially to give that relaxed atmosphere. It leaves the environment with a unique and very beautiful touch.

In these cases, prefer the neutral and light-colored wire pendants to match the tone of the walls, ceiling and furniture. When choosing your wire pendant think about its proportion to the environment. As a rule, larger slopes are more suitable for larger areas and the same with smaller slopes. Choose the right size and everything will go as planned.

The shape of the pendant is also important and makes a big difference in the final composition of the environment. One of the most common models seen around is the diamond wire pendant. But you can still opt for the square, round and irregular shapes that ensure even more decoration. And to close with gold key your decoration with wire pendant invest in a carbon filament lamp. As the pendant opens and the lamp becomes apparent it is very worthwhile to invest in a more modern and cooler lamp model. Pendants are great items to help decorate, so what? Have you chosen which one to use in yours?

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