Snowfall Quilt


Decorating with electrical tape is one of those things you look at and say “Wow! how did I not think of that before? ”. And do you know why? It is modern, beautiful, easy (really easy) to make and super cheap, with less than $ 2.29 you change the face of your wall. But it is not only on the wall that the decoration with electrical tape stands out. It can also be used in furniture, decorative objects, appliances and wherever else creativity demands. If you are curious and interested in knowing more about how to decorate with electrical tape and still be inspired with several incredible ideas, keep following this post because in addition to all this you will still learn how to make a beautiful Snowfall Quilt.


To start, how about some amazing and brilliant decorating ideas with electrical tape? We have selected the best ideas for you to be inspired, check out: Creative decorating ideas with electrical tape step by step. See how many cool suggestions: Decorating a tumblr bedroom with electrical tape.

Free Pattern Available: Snowfall Quilt

The decor in the tumblr style is on the rise when joined with electrical tape as it can be modeled as you wish, the result could not be more modern and cool. This idea is also worth checking out: Headboard made with electrical tape. One of the most common ways to apply electrical tape to the decoration is to use it as a headboard. And imagine doing one for less than $ 2.29? You will discover how: Lines and shapes drawn on the wall with electrical tape. The straight and linear shape of the electrical tape is ideal for creating designs in geometric shapes. The result is a very modern, original and personalized wall entirely by you. Check out this video for a suggested wall design made with electrical tape:


Door decorated with electrical tape. How about giving a new look to your home doors? You can do this with electrical tape. Another creative way to use the material and the best, the way you want it. Check it out: Decoration tips with electrical tape. Before starting to apply the ideas presented here, it is nice to check out some tips so that the result is even more beautiful. Check it out: White or light-colored surfaces are the most suitable to receive the work with electrical tape, precisely because the black – or colored – tape naturally stands out more on the light color and draws attention directly to the art; Use a ruler and pencil to scratch the design before applying the tape, thus ensuring correct placement, without bent or uneven parts;

You may be wondering if the electrical tape damages the wall. Usually the tape sticks easily and without damaging the wall or painting. But it is recommended that a test be done first on a small – and hidden – piece of the wall to see how the tape behaves, so if something happens you will have to know and have to hide it; Geometric lines and shapes are the best options to decorate with electrical tape, as they follow the natural shape of the tape. But it is also possible to use the tape to complete drawings made with other materials, such as the contact paper that we have already talked about here on the website; You can use electrical tape to make a small drawing or cover the entire wall, the choice is yours and both options are possible. However, first consider the predominant style of the rest of the decoration so that the technique harmonizes with the whole environment; And finally, you can also combine the use of electrical tape on the wall with some other object covered with the tape, such as a vase or box. Some applications on another object are already sufficient to create a “dialogue” with the party that received the most tape;

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