Crochet Rainbow Hexagon Motif Blanket


Better than recording the best moments of life and leaving them in plain view so that they are always remembered. And the best way to do that is to hang your photos on the walls of the house. In this way, more than a special memory, you get an intimate and personalized decoration. There are several ways to insert photo frames in the decoration and most of them can be done creatively by yourself. The important thing is to ensure that these memories are always visible, following the history and life of the residents. But if you prefer to buy it is also possible. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Rainbow Hexagon Motif Blanket.


The physical and online stores have a varied catalog of photo frames, from the traditional wooden ones to the most modern ones with shapes and letters. Just choose the model that best fits your taste, the photo model and the decoration of your home and that’s it, just ask.

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Free Pattern Available: Crochet Rainbow Hexagon Motif Blanket

Below you will see some ideas of frames with photos, take the opportunity to get inspired because it is one more incredible idea than the other. Check it out: Replace the “frame” with a “circle” of photos. Attach your black and white photos to a golden bow by a discreet white ribbon and to finish the composition you can add some green branches. This type of photo support is ideal for being suspended between integrated environments, functioning as a dividing frame between spaces. How about a more than special date marked, literally, in the decoration of the house by black and white photo frames of the same size.

The scenery of the photos can form a composition of striking colors in the frame, ranging from shades of pink to those of blue. Negative frame supported on the wall and placed directly on the floor. A picture with a picture of historic architecture decorates the wall along with the piano; How about highlighting small squares that make up your photo, similar to those tiles designed. The corridor is one of the favorite places to exhibit the photos. If you want to give a new look to the corridor of your house, decorate it with photos. Frames can have a white frame and can be aligned at the same height exposing your black and white photographs.


If you want to create contrast you can use a different background for each frame. How about some pictures of the cabin combined with the striking contrast between the frame and the wall. Photo frame: from top to bottom. In a Scandinavian-influenced room the photo frames stand out, creating an elongated strip from the floor to the ceiling. The secret of visual harmony is the paintings of the same size, with a white background and with black and thin frames, following the tones of the decoration. To break the symmetry, some frames were placed vertically, while others were horizontal. You can find the image of this room and the ideas of paintings that we quote on the internet if you need a reference.

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Image By: Hooked By Robin

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