Dream Catcher Square


The dream filter is a handmade object, which besides having several legends and mysteries, serves to decorate any environment and make it very delicate and sophisticated. The best known legend is that of an ancient American Indian tribe, the Ojibwe. The tribe believed that the most important thing on earth was to unravel dreams, so they built an amulet to keep them in their sleep. Forming a ring using flexible willow branches, with lines forming a web and hanging bird feathers, the dream filter or dream catcher was born. In this post you will learn more about the Dream Filter and even learn how to make a beautiful Dream Catcher Square !!


So that any bad energy from the environment could be filtered out, especially nightmares. The Ojibwe people placed them close to their beds, so that their good dreams would pass through the center of the filter and the bad ones would be caught there around the entire web of the object.

Free Pattern Available: Dream Catcher Square

Each element of the dream filter has its respective meaning: The top part works with our head, our mind; The circle, which is the standard form, represents the sun, the circle of life and eternity; The web represents the path, our free will, our interpersonal relationships and our soul; The center represents the strength of the universe and our inner self; Feathers represent air or breath. If the feathers are from a female owl, they represent wisdom, if it is from a male eagle, they represent courage. The pebbles are also important, they work as a way of healing, deal with our fears and clear up the hurts.


And colors have the ability to convey feelings of relaxation or stimuli even to your mood. Although the meanings of colors are universal, according to each culture, variations in their meanings can occur. The shapes that come out of the pattern also have their meanings, such as the triangular shaped filter that represents three people or three aspects of life that the individual wants to work on. Dual filters can represent two intertwined lives, perfect for couples. Nowadays we see many of them, in different sizes, colors, formats, for all tastes and ages. They are great as amulets, for various types of home decor, in earrings, T-shirts and tattoos.

We separated 4 ideas for you to be inspired, using accessible materials, so you can also make your beautiful dream filter to decorate your home, party or work environment. You can make a Dream Catcher with flowers, great for decorating on a balcony, Dream Catcher in the reading corner in a triangular shape: The number 3 is a key symbolic number and the triangle, with its three points, is the shape that represents these concepts , in addition to its tips being channels of these energies, Filter of dreams with colorful flowers and subtle details for those who want to create a simple but sophisticated decoration and also has the macrame dream filter that is very beautiful.

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