Succulent Spring Hexagon Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


In the hectic life we ​​all lead, it is essential to organize ourselves to facilitate our own routine. And to help our daily routine, there is nothing like having an organized place to store your crochets. Before starting, it is necessary to follow some essential steps that will help in the final result of organizing your crochets. In this post, we’ll see more about it and you can make a Succulent Spring Hexagon Blanket Free Crochet Pattern.


First, separate the projects that you did and did not work or that you did not like the result and throw them away to free up space and leave everything organized. Before discarding, ask questions such as: Can I fix it? is it really that bad? My crochet was so bad that I had to throw it away?

Is there anything left to do? Crochets that we have not used for over a year, we will hardly use them again, except for those that are kept for sale. After classification, the second step is to separate the crochets by type, for example: Blankets, Shawls, colored, in black and white etc.

Define where each category of crochet goes, this is a good tip. Frequently used parts should be in the most accessible places. Smaller pieces like squares, flowers and others, look better in the drawers. You can use “hives” inside the drawers, where each thing will have its place.

Image By: A Crocheted Simplicity

The finest crochet sets for special occasions can be stored in organza or TNT bags. Those that go to the hanger should also be separated by category, for example: Shawls, Hoodies, Scarfs, dresses etc. Also separate the colors of the category, for example: all white scarfs, then blue ones and so on, everything is well organized and you know where everything is.


The ideal is that each crochet has its hanger, so that nothing is hidden and you can see everything you have with ease, so that you can also find your crochets more quickly. The crochet tops can be folded, separated by colors and accommodated in drawers or shelves / niches.

For crochets of little use, do not use plastic caps, as they do not let you breathe, prefer those made of TNT with plastic visor or thin fabric. If you have space problems in your wardrobe, you can separate Your projects by type, so that it is better to organize and find everything later.

The crochet shoes should be on the bottom of the cabinets, as far away from the others as possible and, preferably, with the finger always forward, for a better view. By following these tips, you will surely find everything you need more easily and will be able to enjoy your day better without worrying about looking for things.

Free Pattern Available: Succulent Spring Hexagon Blanket

Image By: A Crocheted Simplicity

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