Tulip Season Free Crochet Pattern

The dark tones in the crochet serve to give a more sophisticated air to the environment and highlight the decoration, they are not recommended for small environments, after all they end up giving the impression that it is even smaller, but it is possible to highlight only your bed with a stronger tone and with clear combinations. Check out our tips for using a dark color palette on your crochet. In this post, we’ll see more about it and you can make a beautiful Tulip Season.

When choosing strong tones for your crochets, care must be taken with the service, this must be done well, because dark crochets highlight imperfections even more than crochets in light tones, so it is important to be very careful with the surface and clean it it well before.

If your crochet already has a strong color, it is ideal then to use lighter colors, apply a white color on it and only then use the new shade to cover the rest, which is enough.

The ideal is to choose the tones according to what matches, for example, in the couple’s bedroom, it’s a great tip to make a crochet that has the favorite colors of the house, you can make a beautiful blanket with the couple’s favorite colors and put it on the bed, creating harmony in the environment and between the couple, which is great.

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In bathrooms, it is very common to use shades of dark gray to give an air of sophistication and warmth, both with paint, as cement tiles or tiles, which are more practical to clean and also very beautiful or a beautiful crochet rug . What can break the aggressiveness of the strong tones of the walls are the crochet rugs, which can have an incredible variety of colors and make the environment lighter, without losing the charm of the strong tones.

Another tip is to observe the lighting in the room, it must have clean floors and good lighting so it doesn’t look suffocating, invest in a lighting project that values ​​the rooms of your home well. Clear frames help to reflect light and improve the clarity of the environment.

Just knowing how to combine the colors and furniture of your home to have a beautiful decoration project the way you want, whether in dark or light tones on the walls, using crochet, on the internet you will find decorators and painters who, in addition to assembling your project, carry out the entire renovation service, professionally and with excellent finish.

Free Pattern Available: Tulip Season

Image By: Virklust

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