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Do you know the most beautiful and charming way to light up your bathroom? With a lamp for the bathroom! We know that the bathroom is not always valued as it should, but with this simple artifact it can totally change its figure. This is because bathroom lamps perfectly fulfill the task of lightening the space, but still contribute to the decorative design of the environment by impressing style and personality. And options abound when it comes to bathroom lighting. So here are the top tips and information you should keep in mind when choosing yours and the pattern of a beautiful Vortex Throw & Pillows, here are:


The bathroom luminaire can only function in a decorative way, without causing major interference to the overall lighting design or being an important point of light for certain everyday uses such as makeup, shaving or caring aids. hygiene and cleanliness, he is very helpful and will help you a lot. Therefore it is important that you have set this first to get the right choice of luminaire. For those who want to give only a decorative effect in the bathroom, pendant lamps with up or down light focus are ideal as they create a cozy mood in the space.

This type of luminaire is also perfect for use on bathtubs where the main purpose is to relax in the water. But they can also be placed next to the mirror, usually in pairs, each on one side. Already to assist in the routine of daily care, a good choice are the luminaires type spot that can be directed to the desired point, they will help you a lot and still give style to the environment.

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In this case, the most common is to install them on the ceiling, directing the light focus to the mirror or even directly next to the mirror. Still within this idea is possible to opt for dressing rooms style, they are beautiful and give a special touch to the place. In this model, the lamps frame the mirror and provide first-class lighting for grooming. The size of the light fixture should be proportional to the space you have available in your bathroom. It should never hinder circulation or movement in space.

Low-ceilinged bathrooms should preferably opt for flush-to-the-ceiling fixtures, such as the heavily used ceiling lights. Chandeliers and pendant lamps look best in high-ceilinged toilets or when installed near the mirror wall. The bathroom luminaire is an integral part of the decoration of the space, so always try to harmonize the colors of the luminaire with the colors previously present in the environment so that everything is combined. Also be mindful of the style of the luminaire. If your bathroom is more classic, an industrial style fixture will not go down very well and vice versa.

Lamps are the soul of the luminaire and for this reason, nothing more logical than investing in a lamp suitable for the use that will be made of the piece. LED lamps are the best option of the moment. They are durable, economical and can be found in different sizes and voltages. For a decorative effect luminaire, the yellow lamp is a great option as it helps to create that special bathroom climate. For those looking for a lamp to help shave or make up, for example, the best choice is the white lamp. In luminaires where the lamp is completely apparent, as is the case with industrial style models, it is worth betting on a carbon filament model. They cost a little more expensive, but guarantee a tremendous impact on the decoration. The luminaires are amazing besides serving very well for decoration, so what? Have you chosen yours?

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