Afghan Block Square


With its elaborate edges and sophisticated look, the fluted mirror is much more than a mere mirror. In addition to giving that basic hand when checking the look, the bisotê mirror, as it is also called, floods the class and style environments, making it the perfect option for those who want to combine decoration with functionality. For those who do not know very well, the beveled mirror is a type of mirror with chamfered finish on the edges, which gives the piece a kind of “frame” of its own. The worked edges, unlike the traditional edges, have a slight inclination and the polish given to the piece still gives an extra shine to the mirror. In this post we’ll talk about it and teach you how to make a delicate Afghan Block Square.


All of these features give the fluted mirror a light, clean, delicate and very elegant appearance, thus giving a unique touch to the decoration in which it is used. Lacking a frame, the beveled mirror becomes more fragile and cracked than a normal mirror. The bevelled mirror is also usually thinner and the edges can only be 3 mm thick. Therefore, all care is little when handling the bisotted mirror. First, have a good look at the mirror as soon as you receive it at home. If you notice any crack return it.

If all is well, arrange a place to leave it until it’s time to put it in the final space. Do not place the beveled mirror directly on the floor, rather leave it on the bed or carpet, so as not to risk scratching or accidentally cracking.

Free Pattern Available: Afghan Block Square


When hanging it on the wall it is recommended to protect the edges with masking tape. Once installed, remove the tape, so there will be no chipped edge accidents. Currently on the market there are dozens of types of edged mirrors to choose from. They vary in shape (round, square, rectangular), size and even color. Border type may also vary. Here are some suggestions for using the bisotted mirror:

Slotted mirror in the living room
The notched mirror in the living room is a show of class and elegance. You can choose to use a large rectangular model on the wall behind the sofa or a wall mounted model, any model is beautiful and leaves a special touch in place. Just be careful that the mirror does not reflect the TV or the sunlight.

Mirror in the dining room
In the dining room, the beveled mirror gives a touch of warmth and welcome beyond that. A good tip here is to use the bevelled mirror on the wall opposite the dining table, forming a panel, it will look very elegant. It is even worth choosing a composition of bevelled mirrors covering the entire wall.

Mirror notched in bedroom
Mirror in the bedroom is practically a must have item. And in the case of the bisotê mirror, besides ensuring functionality, you also reinforce the decoration making it more beautiful. You can mount a panel with the mirror taped to the headboard wall or use it in a conventional way, fixed to one wall. If you have limited space available, it is worthwhile to opt for a small double-edged mirror supported on a dresser, for example.

Mirror flush in bathroom and / or toilet
Bathroom / toilet without mirror is even strange. Impossible to get into this environment and not check the look. And the bisotê mirror can make the space even more beautiful. The usual place for installing the part is on the sink countertop, but nothing prevents you from discovering an alternate location, or opt for a larger model set on an opposite wall where you can see yourself full length. There are many options, choose yours and I’m sure you will be surprised.

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