Weekend Chevron Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


Organizing the bathroom is fundamental to the well-being of everyone in the house. It is often the space where people are able to take a little more care of themselves, and where they take the opportunity to relax. So it is important that it is always clean and organized. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Weekend Chevron Blanket.


When we start organizing the bathroom it is common to have some doubts about the products that we may or may not be keeping in that environment, but we are here to help you with that.

So here we go, what can be stored: sponges, flexible rods, cotton, soap, hygiene and beauty accessories. What it cannot: makeup and medicines due to the temperature fluctuation that can spoil them.

Some items that are important can be organized on the sink counter, in a tray: liquid soap, toothbrush holder (preferably with a lid), toothpaste, flexible nails or something else that you use daily, that has to be accessible.


You can use more than one tray if necessary, but only to place products for daily and necessary use. The other items can be separated by category, for example: hair, body, oral hygiene, absorbents etc. Each category in different baskets. If your bathroom cabinet has drawers, distribute the product baskets inside them.

If your bathroom does not have drawers, place the baskets inside the cabinet. If you only have shelves, invest in more attractive baskets to use as decorative objects on the shelf, so everything is organized and still decorated. You can also use baskets to store some rolls of toilet paper and washcloths, so they will be very accessible.

Another suggestion for organizing items inside the drawer is to use an adjustable drawer divider or improvise with a cutlery holder, it also does the job of separating the items in a practical way, which will help you a lot. In the box area it is very important to have a shampoo holder that accommodates all products. Leave in this area only products that you use daily, or almost daily, so that the space is not “crowded” with products that are little used.

A good towel rack is also essential. If the bathroom is used by more than one person, the ideal is to have more than one towel rack, so that each one has its own. Baskets of dirty clothes should preferably be in the service area. If you have children at home, leaving the laundry basket in the bathroom is a good option to teach them not to leave their clothes lying around. Take advantage of the tips, adapting to your space, as they will make a good difference in your bathroom bringing well-being to everyone.

Free Pattern Available: Weekend Chevron Blanket