Granny’s Ripple Blanket Crochet by Diana May


The Provencal crochet combines a little of the romantic style with the rustic style, bringing the sensations of the countryside to the creation of crochets with a more peaceful and cozy touch. This style is also known as French country style (French country style) and is based on rusticity combined with comfort. It is a sweet style, to work with colors in pastel colors, such as light green, lilac and blue. In this post, we’ll see more about it and you can make a beautiful Granny’s Ripple Blanket Crochet by Diana May.


It is a type of crochet suitable for use in small environments, so remember this. It can be a more economical alternative to change the environment a little, because it works, for example, with things you have at home.

In addition, it is possible to transform antique furniture and objects into new decorative items, without losing the charm and essence of Provencal style using crochet, which helps a lot. you can use crochets in dark tones, combining the furniture in shades of beige, yellow, lavender and light green.

Floral and patterned fabrics in soft tones are also part of the Provencal decor and are very beautiful. In the reuse of furniture, the use of crochet is widely used.


A “worn out” white, which refers to the simple lifestyle of ancient France, which was also very beautiful, when rural families adapted the fashion decor with the resources, materials and techniques they had at hand, imitating the courts, but leaving something to be desired. quality crochets.

In this style, in addition to crochets, some furniture coverings have this natural and aged aspect that makes everything very beautiful; Rough or stained stone walls, wood on the roof, worn bricks with patina or natural paint.

Drawings of rural scenes, floors of light wood or terracotta (material consisting of clay baked in the oven, at about 900 ° C, used in ceramics, natural brownish orange), among others are also very beautiful and can be represented in your crochet.

In the details, decorative objects are used, such as: iron candlesticks, wire baskets, chandeliers, preachers, mirrors, shelves, among other pieces that resemble simple country life and are very beautiful. These objects and crochets leave the environment charming, cozy and elegant.

Foliage in rustic pots and floral nature also combine very well with Provencal crochet, bringing even more of the landscape to the house and giving an incredible touch. Another “trick” is to use furniture, antique objects and pieces of great sentimental value. The Provencal style can also be mixed with a more modern style.

Free Pattern Available: Granny’s Ripple by Diana May