3 in 1 Woodland Bear Folding Baby Blanket


The glass brick is a key element in architecture, because in addition to being a structural piece it can decorate the environment offering infinite advantages. They increase natural lighting due to the translucent characteristic of glass and can have the function of dividing rooms, providing a lighter space, without the use of masonry walls. Its use is a great alternative for those who are decorating a small environment, with the entry of light, the feeling of spaciousness is greater, in addition to making the house more cozy and pleasant. For those looking to break the monotony of the walls, glass bricks can be used to create a more attractive composition. In this post you will see more about the glass brick and learn how to make a beautiful 3 in 1 Woodland Bear Folding Baby Blanket.


Found in most bathroom and kitchen designs, they can fit in any type of environment, making the residence more modern. After all, it is a stylish, beautiful, versatile piece and with a unique cost benefit. There are three types of glass brick: fixed, hollow and colored, each more beautiful than the other. See the main differences between them:

Pattern Available: 3 in 1 Woodland Bear Folding Baby Blanket

Traditional and fixed
The traditional glass brick is a completely closed block and the main function is to capture lighting. What varies in this model is the type of finish that can be smooth, corrugated, wavy and many others.


Hollow and ventilated
The open glass brick is ideal for replacing windows, with the advantage of maintaining privacy and even bringing air circulation into the environment in which it is installed. An important observation is to choose a place that is already covered on the outside, so that wind and rain do not enter the environment, as this is not what we want.

For those who want to insert vibrant colors and have a more cheerful atmosphere, there are different shades of glass bricks. However, because they are colorful, the light capture from the outside ends up being more reduced than in a traditional colorless model for example.

Glass brick price: how much does it really cost?
Even though it is a brick, the glass block certainly has a higher cost than the ceramic blocks. Both are sold by the unit and are found in most construction and renovation stores across the country. A ceramic block, known as brick from Bahia, has a more attractive cost, starting at R $ 1.40 per unit. The traditional smooth glass block has an approximate cost of $ 1.88 per unit. The wavy models can vary between $ 2.83 and $ 4.00, depending on the manufacturer. The colors vary between $ 4.00 and $ 8.24. The hollow and ventilated models can cost between $ 3.77 and $ 6.60.

Glass brick in the bathroom
The bathroom is a popular place to use glass blocks. Usually they are used to separate a part of the bathroom, such as the shower stall and even as an alternative to windows, using the hollow model for example.

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