Happy Colors Blanket


Decorated soaps are a hit. And it’s not for less. They are beautiful, fragrant, easy to make and can also help you earn extra income. To make decorated soaps you have two options: use a ready made industrial soap or go for handmade soap making. In this case, in addition to having a personalized product in your home that offers you more beautiful decorative possibilities, you still gain in quality of life and health, since handmade soaps have far less chemical ingredients in the formulation. Are you willing to learn how to make decorated soaps?


So come with us because today’s post will talk more about it and teach you how to make a beautiful Happy Colors Blanket. As stated earlier, you can choose a soap sold on the market or one made by your own hands. And as we believe in the strength of “do it yourself” we will teach you a basic and simple soap recipe that can be used for different types of decoration, just replace elements such as color and fragrance. Write it down:

Pattern Available: Happy Colors Blanket

Handmade soap base recipe
1 kg of glycerin base
60 ml lauryl
60 ml of essence of your choice
Dye for soap in the desired color
Enamelled pot
Glass Stick
Soap shapes
How to make decorated soaps step by step
Chop the glycerin base with a knife and place the pieces in the enameled pan to melt. This process must be done in a water bath and the glycerin cannot boil. Always stir while the pan is on the fire with the help of the glass stick mentioned above.


After melting all the glycerin, add the lauryl, the essence and the dye. Dilute all ingredients well in the glycerin base. Then pour the liquid into the molds and wait for about 24 hours to unmold. After removing the soaps from the pan, cut the burrs with the help of a small knife. The soaps are ready to receive the desired decoration, be creative, let your imagination fly. Now if the intention is to create more elaborate soaps, where decoration is an integral part of the soap, it is also possible. We have selected some video tutorials for you to learn different ways to make decorated soap. Check out:

How to make marbled soap
The marbled technique is one of the beautiful ones for soaps. It creates irregular shapes on the bar from the chosen colors. Finally, you can leave the soap, besides being beautiful, very fragrant using the essences you prefer. The soaps decorated with herbs are beautiful and fragrant, but they have another very special effect: they carry the therapeutic characteristics of the plant used. The tip is to use marigold to make the soap, but you can use the herbs of your choice. Now that you know this, you can start making your own soaps.

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