Lynda Blanket


When it comes to decoration, there are always those classic pairs that are timeless and perfect for creating modern and elegant environments. And one of these options is the combination of white and wood, one of the favorites of the moment, thanks to the rise of Scandinavian style that is based on these shades. This perfect pair brings a very special charm to the decor, not to mention that it is practically error proof, after all it is almost impossible to make mistakes with your hand. In this post you can learn more about white and wood in the decoration and learn how to make a beautiful Lynda Blanket.


Widely used in kitchen, living and dining projects, the combination of white and wood is also a pleasant surprise in many other areas of the house, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, corridors, entrance halls and even even in the external areas. But why is white and wood so popular after all? It is not difficult to understand the reason for this. White is a neutral, clean, light color that harmonizes well in different decoration proposals and is still an asset for small spaces, since the color has the ability to enlarge and illuminate the environments.

Wood, in turn, brings that warm, cozy and cozy touch typical of any natural element. Then just marry the two to have a neutral, timeless and, at the same time, warm and comfortable decor that will make the environment very beautiful.

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The use of white and wood can be done in different ways in the environment. The most common option is to use floors, walls and other coverings in white and use wood in furniture and countertops for example. But, if you prefer, you can also bet on floors and / or wooden lining, in addition to wooden panels on the wall, which also make the environment very beautiful. Just be careful to dose and distribute the two shades well in the environment.


It is worth mentioning that the type of wood used directly interferes with the aesthetic look of the project. For example, rustic wood, such as demolition wood, guarantees a rustic, uncluttered, modern environment or even with a Provencal footprint. Already a well-finished and worked wood brings an aura of elegance and sophistication to the spaces of the environment.

The shade of the wood is also a crucial factor for the project. The lighter woods with the use of white make up more modern and current spaces, while the darker tones show a more refined and sober environment. Now that you know all that, you are ready to use white and wood in your decoration, how about starting right now?

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