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Today, more than ever, beauty salons are much more than just a place for hair and nail care. A large part of the beauty salons have become a place where women visit weekly, as if it were a community, a place to chat, meet friends and go out with self-esteem up there, feeling beautiful, whatever the treatment. or contracted service. For this reason, a beauty salon needs to be comfortable, inviting, cozy and beautiful, even if it is small or simple. This causes more and more customers to be attracted to the establishment. In this post you can understand this subject and learn how to make a beautiful Covered In Cats Afghan.


The rule also applies to the famous barbershops – which once again became the beauty care center for men – and for salons that receive children. With the right audience defined, the first step towards having the perfect beauty salon is knowing how to choose a decoration and style that match who will attend it and that is in accordance with what you think is best. Whoever has had his own business or is starting to idealize the first project knows that he cannot always count on an ideal budget to leave the place with the face and way he always dreamed of.

But everyone starts from somewhere, don’t they? So, get to work and write down the tips according to the type of salon you already have or want to open: Those who have little space need to think about the comfort of the customers who will attend the place and, at the same time, the functionality of the environment, leaving everything needed for work nearby.

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Some tricks, such as using colors in lighter shades and glass pieces help to make the beauty salon small with a bigger visual aspect. Mirrors – essential for beauty salons – also help to give this feeling of grandeur to smaller environments. Another tip is to choose neutral floors that match the tone of the walls of the place. Also invest in good lighting in the environment, this ensures a better performance of professionals, in addition to making the environment more modern and elegant.

If you choose wallpaper for the beauty salon, give preference to stripes, (horizontal stripes help to increase the feeling of width in the environment, vertical stripes, in turn, help to increase the feeling of spaciousness and height) which are very popular today. Regardless of the size of the beauty salon, it is possible to create a modern and stylish design. Choose new, good quality furniture to keep the standard of elegance in evidence. Lighting, as we said, is essential for a modern style in the salon. Abuse of modern spots and fixtures, but don’t forget that they are also there to assist in the lighting project, not only in the aesthetics of the salon.

If you can, bet on furniture designed to help organize and optimize spaces, especially if the room is small. Wood, glass and stainless steel are the best choices to leave the environment with a modern and innovative air and are the most popular choices today. It is possible to set up a modern, beautiful and elegant beauty salon without spending a fortune. The tip here is to invest in the minimalist trend and in semi-new and recycled furniture and pieces, but of good quality, for that bet on pallets and boxes, for example. If the budget is short for furniture, choose niches – which help a lot in the organization, without taking up a lot of space – and side tables. Framed mirrors are usually more expensive, so choose straight and simple models installed directly on the wall.

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