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Do you need to organize your books, but don’t know how? The bookcase may be the best option. However, when choosing the best bookcase for the room, it is necessary to observe the decoration of the environment. Check out this post for some book organization tips, learn how to make a bookcase that matches your decor and also how to make an amazing Draped In Dogs Afghan. There are different ways to make a bookcase and you can make one yourself for your home. The goal is to try to organize everything to have more space in the environment. Check out some options.


Bookcase with reading space
To make the bookshelf you will need wooden slats that will support the weight of the books. You can paint the slats in the color of your choice or paint the wall where the bookcase will be in a striking color. To complete the space, choose a comfortable armchair and a suitable lamp. You can take advantage of the drawers of some furniture that you no longer use. Then just use a wooden slat as a support and fix it to the wall. It is possible to paint the drawers to match your home decor.

Bookcase with metal support
In this case, the support for the books is the metallic support that gives the impression of an invisible bookcase. However, the book that will serve as a base should not be moved. So put those books that you’ve read and don’t intend to read that fast in that place.

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Bookcase made with ladder
Another bookcase option is to use a triangle-shaped ladder. Support the ladder against the wall and organize the books on each step. The base books cannot be removed from their place. Once you’ve chosen the bookcase model, it’s time to learn how to organize it so that the bookcase is also part of the home decor. See how you can organize your bookcase.


Observe the environment
Observe the decoration of the room where the shelf is fixed. See if you need to paint the bookcase or add a decorative object. But remember to appreciate the functionality of the mobile. Before you start organizing the books, put them all together and do a general cleaning. Separate the books that need renovation, separate those that will be kept and organize those that will be donated, the organization starts by doing so.

Define how you will organize them
The time has come to decide how you will organize the books on your new bookshelf. You can separate them by color, theme, alphabetical order, author name, publisher name, genres, size or reading order. It is not enough just to organize the books to be more visually beautiful, because the important thing is to maintain the function. Therefore, put on top the books that you have read, but that can be consulted with some frequency. In the direction of the eyes you must keep the books you use the most, as they need is at your fingertips. That way, you don’t have to keep looking and disorganizing the space.

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