Crystal Waves Gingham Blanket


Glass pieces are perfect to add value to the decoration of any space in the house. In addition to being a sustainable decoration, since the glass takes more than a million years to decompose, decorated glass jars are also beautiful at parties and are great options for personalized gifts, not to mention that they can still guarantee that income extra at the end of the month. And the idea applies to all types of glass, of all colors, shapes and sizes, from bottles to olive jars. With a little creativity they can become beautiful decorative objects. In today’s post you’ll see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Crystal Waves Gingham Blanket.


Important tips for decorating glass jars
Before starting to separate the glass jars to decorate, there are some essential steps to make this type of craft safely and so that the piece has good durability and quality that we must follow. If the pot is sticky or has any paper material stuck to it, such as labels, for example, you need to remove and wash it before starting the artwork for everything to go well. You can put them to a boil, along with the lid if applicable, in a pan with water and mild detergent.

About 20 minutes are enough to remove stickers or paper items and leave the glass thoroughly cleaned. After this process, put the glasses to dry and then you can already choose the type of artistic decoration that will be applied to the glass.

Free Pattern Available: Crystal Waves Gingham Blanket


There are dozens of ways to decorate glass objects, once you have the freedom to choose colors, materials and formats you will have several options. Check out some options:

Glass decoration with fabric
Decorating glass jars and bottles with fabric is the simplest and most democratic option of all, it is widely used today. This is because it is worth buying the fabric in the desired style and even using the ones left over in your home. The most chosen prints are floral and polka dot, but they also look beautiful with patchwork details, for example.

Glass decoration with biscuit
Anyone who loves crafts and has used biscuit for a long time knows that it is possible to insert an infinite number of shapes in glass jars and bottles using the dough. But for those who are now arriving in this universe, working with biscuit can be a great challenge. Biscuit is a type of dough that can be shaped freely. The biscuit can be found in several colors and can also be pigmented. With it, you can create fun or more classic decoration options for the glass jars you want to decorate.

Glass decoration with EVA
EVA is easy to find and very simple to work with. There are printed and glitter EVA options that offer a beautiful result when decorating glass bottles and jars. It can be applied to the lid and around the glass, and can also be glued to the inside of the pot. Glass jars decorated with EVA can be used as a gift, to decorate a children’s party and even as a pencil holder in your room or office.

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