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A simple and economical way to change the look of the house is to paint or texture the walls. For this, you can choose from a hundred products available: from good old latex paint to textured masses. But if you are looking for something different, you can bet on the marbled effect, a type of texture that when applied to the wall resembles marble. The decorative effect was launched by the paint brand Suvinil and goes commercially by the name of Marmorato. Keep following this post that we will explain everything, tim tim by tim tim, about the marmorato or marbled painting, as it is also known. Besides, of course, teaching you how to make an amazing The Secret Garden. Check out:


What is marmorato?
For those who like marble, but are not in a position to pay a high price for the stone, they can achieve the same elegant and sophisticated effect with the application of marmorato, which is nothing more than a texture applied to the walls in order to obtain a marble effect. , shiny and glazed in a cheaper way.

Free Pattern Available: The Secret Garden

There are different colors of marble available for you to choose the one that best suits your taste and the style of your home. It is worth mentioning, however, that marble tiles should only be applied to walls, their use is not recommended for other surfaces, such as the floor, as the texture can easily wear out and lose its effect quickly, and this is not what we want . But in compensation, you can use the marbled effect on both the internal and external walls of the house.


What price of marmorato?
One of the great advantages of marble in relation to marble is the price. The textured effect is much cheaper when compared to natural stone. To get an idea, the price for a 2.88 liter Marmorato can is $ 37.88. One can yields enough for a wall of up to 12 square meters, however it takes three coats to achieve the desired effect. That way, if you have a wall of exactly 12 square meters you will need three cans of 2.88 liters and will spend $ 113.58 on these cans.

Did you find a lot? Imagine now that you will cover that same wall with a marble stone of the Carrara type, one of the most known and sought after. This stone costs, on average, $ 211.55 per square meter. Therefore, you will have a cost of $ 2,538.55 to cover the same wall with normal marble. Did you notice the difference? Is it worth or not worth the investment in texture? If you are already convinced of the beauty and economy that you will have opting for a marbled painting, then it is time to start working and put this plan into practice.

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