Crochet 3D Leaves Bag


For many people decorating a small living room is a very difficult task, but nowadays the apartments have less and less space and come with the intention of integrating with the dining room. But with some tips it is possible to have a pleasant environment with practical and essential furniture for everyday life. For starters, it is critical to have space measurements in hand to begin planning your room. After this, you need to keep in mind that due to its size it is essential that you have few furniture in place. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Crochet 3D Leaves Bag.


So if you want to decorate your home, use light-colored tinted shelves or wall niches for a feeling of spaciousness. With the integrated rooms take care with the dining tables, ideally it is of a size that allows circulation around it, so it will not disturb anything. The light and narrow-arm sofa harmonizes with the look, and if there is no coffee table space use low stools to support decorative objects (magazines, cups, vases, etc.).

Also keep in mind that the floor-to-ceiling shelf makes the environment heavy, so a low cabinet with space to support beanbags is indicated if you get more visitors combined with loose shelves on the wall, as well as helping out with an incredible touch to the place.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet 3D Leaves Bag 1  Crochet 3D Leaves Bag 2   Crochet 3D Leaves Bag 3


For television, space-saving panels are recommended, supporting them on low benches or embedded directly in the wall. For the back of the room that have a window or balcony door, can be highly valued with a beautiful curtain or wall color in strong tones for the decoration to have more personality enhancing the environment. Inspirations from small living rooms decorated with style. You can be inspired by some images on the internet

The Scandinavian style of decoration, as well as the minimalist, focuses on light colors to have a wider sense of ambience. In this project we see exactly this approach, with the light colors, the room that is small may look bigger than it really is because of them. This is one of the techniques used to decorate small spaces: using visual gimmicks to change people’s perception of the environment.

In small environments, take advantage of air spaces to use niches or small cabinets. In this way we gain space to store various types of objects, besides giving another face to the decoration. You can opt for a project where the rack panel takes utilizes this approach in a balanced way without leaving the environment charged.

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