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Today we will talk about bathroom mirrors. Yes, this classic and indispensable item in the decoration. A companion at all times, the mirror gives us a good morning and accompanies us in our daily care routine, filling our lives with self-esteem. Undoubtedly, mirrors are close friends of man. To give you an idea, the artifact has been present in human history since the year 3000 BC. In this post you can learn more about bathroom mirrors and how to make an amazing Vintage Pillow Cover.


And of course you won’t leave this object out of your bathroom decor. Whether small or large, there will always be a wall space to hang a copy, or one that comes in the bathroom itself. And it has for all tastes (and pockets). The versatility is so great that you can choose shape, size and style.

Another very important feature that makes mirrors fundamental in decorating a bathroom is their ability to enlarge the environment. Smaller spaces benefit even more from them. Mirrors also help illuminate the space as they reflect all light received.

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When decorating your bathroom with mirrors, analyze the style you want to give the environment and choose the model that best fits the proposal. Frames (or their absence) help set the tone of the decor. Measure your bathroom and wall space so you have no mistake buying your own.

In your bathroom, for example, you can opt for a vertical mirror on the counter top. A different idea, since most of the time, bench mirrors are positioned horizontally. In this type of mirror there are no frames, leaving the environment lighter and cleaner, moreover, this type of mirror greatly values ​​the environment.

To differentiate a bit, how about betting on a mirror duo? The result is beautiful and harmonious. A thick wooden frame will match the rest of the bathroom. While some are small and discreet, There are mirrors that capture all the attention. They fill the entire wall and still have an interesting effect. There is an example of a mirror where at first glance the mirror looks round, but in fact the mirror covers the entire space. The false impression is caused by the frame on the larger mirror.

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