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In architectural projects with two floors or more, the staircase is an indispensable item, but in addition to being functional, the staircase can add a lot of beauty to the environment. The wooden staircase is among the most traditional and can be found in several models, such as the wooden spiral staircase, the “U”, “L” staircase, the straight one, there are wooden staircase models for all types of design and taste.


And today we’ll talk more about the wooden stairs, with lots of photos to get inspired and also with some tips on how to make wooden stairs. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Amazing Doily.

As I said just above, it is possible to find different wooden ladder models on the market and the cool thing is that the ladder made of wood can be used in different types of decorated environments, as it adapts well both in more modern and sophisticated environments , as for the more rustic and simple environments.

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For a rustic decoration choose the simple wooden staircase model, demolition wood, for example, is an excellent choice for the wooden staircase model for a rustic environment. The details can also help you to enhance the rustic decor. If your simple wooden staircase does not have many rustic details, opt for a stone or brick covering visible on the walls of the room, this will already give that special touch. The staircase made of wood does not need to be used only in environments with a more rustic style, some elements can make the wooden staircase look more modern and very current. The wooden stair railing can certainly make all the difference in the final result of the wooden staircase environment.


Using a glass handrail or handrail is a very modern and perfect proposal to make the environment lighter and with a contemporary style, as happened with the wooden staircase to a clean room in a project we saw. Stainless steel is also a very modern and excellent option for those who like minimalism. The stainless steel handrail brings modernity and more beauty to your simple wooden staircase, it gives a very beautiful touch to it and the environment. Another idea is to invest in a wooden spiral staircase with a bold design. These wooden spiral staircase models commonly become a major highlight in decoration and are a way of making wooden staircases to enhance the beauty of the environment.

If your staircase is in the living room, it is important to invest in a wooden staircase model that is very beautiful and that goes in harmony with the decor, after all, the living room is the environment where we receive the most visits at home, and nothing better that you can welcome them in a beautiful and well decorated environment. The rule is basically in a more clean and modern room, opt for modern models of wooden stairs for living room, and in a more rustic and simple room, opt for simpler models of wooden stairs for living room, these models will help you a lot . But of course, if you want to mix decorating styles, you can too. A simple wooden staircase to a room with modern decor is also beautiful and you can place the highlight of the decoration in other points of the environment.

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