Begin the Beguine


The shelf already had its glory days in the decoration of the room, after all, it centralized the decor objects, in addition to serving as a support for television – the center of entertainment in the living areas. Nowadays, there has been a new meaning of this furniture and they are far from losing their prominence, this is because, if you choose the correct model and follow some of our tips to the letter, you will have a much more creative and personalized room. Doubt?


See everything here! One of the secrets to decorating a bookcase and escaping that common visual pollution is to be organized and compose the items in a creative way. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make an amazing Begin the Beguine.

Here, we separated some cool ideas, but it is worth remembering that the design of the bookcase itself can give that up that your room or office needs, so pay attention to this detail. For example, there are the ‘ladder’ type shelves, very popular on Pinterest, those with a niche, those that reuse materials, like boxes, and others that even run away from the popular shelf structure. Check out our tips!

Free Pattern Available: Begin the Beguine

What would a common bookcase be without decorative items, right? But do not resort to the cliché and fall into the same things as always, such as picture frames or sculptures, because despite being wildcards, your imagination can do more! So, look for inspirations that take the shelf ornaments to another level – arranging each item in a way that details are valued. Bottles, cameras and even travel souvenirs are a great way out, they help a lot to give that special touch to the environment. Who said that pictures must be on the wall only? For some time now, some home decorating ideas have shown that these little pieces can be on the floor, on the stairs and even, look, on the shelf.


And the coolest thing is that you don’t even need nails or hammers, just touch them in one niche or another and that’s it, there is a mega simple and practical decorative alternative. The vases are wildcards in the decoration and can be introduced in the decoration of shelves as well. If the structure of the furniture allows it, it is worth betting on large and imposing models with natural flowers, of course, because this way you give visibility to a piece that could go unnoticed within the environment, but thanks to the highlight it gives an up to the composition as a whole and leaves a special touch on the environment. They are great for organizing, but as we are talking about bookshelf decoration, you need to take some care so that the composition is not over.

So choose more modern, beautiful boxes that can contribute to the composition as a whole. There are decorative stamped boxes, made of wood, others made of synthetic fiber, in short, there is no lack of options here, there is a huge variety, just let your imagination fly. This idea for decorating a bookcase requires a little more aesthetic sense, but the result is great. We are talking about organizing decorative objects (or books) by colors, creating a true colored panel that supports the bookcase itself. A lot of people have already created very cool compositions within this idea and the result, in summary, is very creative. Now, if you don’t have enough colored objects to make this idea a reality, it’s worth betting on just one color or a more neutral color palette. White, off-white and nude is a very clean and different inspiration.

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