Terrarium Quilt


Wow, how nice to be able to lie on the sofa in your house and watch that movie, right? Without a doubt this is one of the best places to rest and the decoration for the living room can make this environment even more pleasant and cozy. With that in mind, most companies that manufacture furniture for this environment are increasingly manufacturing extremely comfortable sofas and it seems that you are sitting on so soft feathers, so we decided to give you some decorating tips for the room that may be more account for your pocket, besides being practical to do in your day to day. In this post we will talk more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Terrarium Quilt.


Of course it’s the couch! Nowadays we find some models that turn into real beds, we also have at our disposal the famous retractable sofas that are very popular today and I can say from experience, they are extremely comfortable.

Some of these sofas come with silicone foam and don’t think you are expensive!

Free Crochet Pattern: Terrarium Quilt

Today we can find the most varied prices for decorating a room, just do a good price search that you will surely find and take your sofa for a cheap price, there are many options on the market, you will be surprised. The rugs are accessories that give charm and comfort in the decoration of the room, especially on cold days combined with a good fireplace.


There are models and types for all tastes, however, rugs are still expensive objects and have to be of good quality, as they guarantee the durability of the product and we can still choose on the market for anti-allergic carpet models, for those who have rhinitis and etc. It is important that the rugs are not too big, as they can take up a lot of space and take away the charm of the entire decoration of the room.

A good tip is the famous sisal rugs, which are more rustic and very easy to wash, in addition to drying more quickly and being easy to handle because they are very light, and the prices of these carpet models are also considered very affordable, they give an incredible touch to the environment.

Bet on niches and shelves, they take up less space and give a very special touch in the decoration for the room, besides favoring small environments and making the space even more charming and organized, they help you a lot. To make the most of the space, the TV panel is a great option in decorating the room.

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Image By: Bonnie Christine