Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket


You can have a blackboard equal to that of the school inside your kitchen. Calm down, nobody is trying to force you to study – it’s about decoration. It is the slate paint, which can be used in various environments of the house, according to the taste of each one. It brings an air of innovation and allows you to modify the space every day according to the creativity that the resident has with chalk, drawing or writing.


“Using in the kitchen, you can write down the week’s menu, make the shopping list, write recipes, drawings and even cool phrases. In this post we will talk more about it and you will learn how to make a wonderful Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket with the tutorial that we separated.

The leisure areas and gourmet spaces gain a touch of modernity and identity. If you have the profile of receiving at home, friends can leave messages or make drawings on this wall ”, explains architect Gabriela Brasil, and really, this is a great idea. According to her, the bathroom and the toilet are unusual and interesting environments to apply chalkboard paint and make illustrations.

Free Pattern Available: Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

“The advantage of slate paint is that it is totally changeable, according to the intention of the moment. You can delete it whenever you want and put something else in place ”. For the architect Fábio Moraes de Oliveira, the application in the kitchen cheers up the environment, and really cheers up, imagine, a beautiful kitchen where you can design, review the menu and much more. “But it can also be used on one of the office walls, where drawings or information about the trade can be left for integration with customers. Another very interesting place is that meditation or reading environment in the house ”.


Oliveira recalls that this paint should never be applied outdoors, while Gabriela thinks that the living room is also not appropriate. “But, in general, the slate paint can be used in practically all environments, but it is not indicated for plastic or metallic surfaces”. The architect says that applying to doors is a good thing: “Both in the cabinets and in the environments”. The architect goes further: “If the space is small and there is no way to paint a wall, you can use the door or one side of a piece of furniture to apply the chalkboard paint” we can see that the chalkboard paint is very versatile and practical, since that can be used in many places.

Gabriela Brasil teaches that the most suitable slate paint is matte acrylic, preferably in green or black tones. “The use of darker tones is the most suitable, as they allow the chalk to appear better when drawing. If the person is allergic to chalk dust, there are chalk pens and antiallergic chalk ”that is, anyone can use the slate. Fábio Moraes de Oliveira goes along the same lines. “It is an element in the decoration, it can be a prominent color, usually darker than the environment”.

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