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What was previously only a concern for car collectors, today, the choice of the type of garage flooring has come to play an important role in the decision-making power of its potential users. This is because, the garage that was previously considered an underestimated space in the residence, over time, became integrated with other rooms in the house. In modern projects, for example, the garage started not only fulfilling the function of storing cars and motorcycles, but also helping residents when storing various objects and tools. Thinking about it, in this article we separated some tips and made available the tutorial of a beautiful Crochet Table Path. Thus, you can choose which best garage floor matches your project and learn how to crochet something new! Check out!


The garage, which used to protect and store vehicles and motorbikes, started to play a multifunctional role in homes and offices. In this direction, requirements such as quality and durability of materials have become basic items to be observed at the time of purchase.

Even because, in the midst of so many models of floors for outdoor areas and garage, it is even difficult to choose which best floor for residential garage without being undecided about which model to choose, isn’t it?

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Table Path

Well, thinking about it, we separated below several types of garage floors for you to include in your project without needing to spend so much time choosing. Enjoy without moderation! Check out the main floors for the outdoor area and garage: Smooth ceramic floor; Rubberized ceramic floor; Rubberized coin floor; Concregram; Porcelain tiles floor; Hydraulic tile; Concrete floor; Portuguese stones; Vinyl floor; Concrete slabs; Slate; Fulget floor; Epoxy floor; Wood Deck; Stone floor and Interlocked floor. We will explain about three of them so that you understand a little more. Smooth ceramic floor, considered the best floor for residential garage, the smooth ceramic floor, over time, became part of numerous projects.


This is because, this type of floor has a very attractive cost-benefit ratio when compared to other materials. In the market it is possible to find a variety of colors, prints, formats and even textures of ceramic flooring which enchants even more consumers and gives them an immense and varied choice. Now, what to do to properly clean this smooth ceramic material, considered as the best floor for residential garage? Check out! How to properly clean the smooth ceramic floor: Eliminate dust from the environment using a vacuum cleaner or broom; For a deeper cleaning, mix detergent with water and scrub well with the help of a broom; Use a solution of vinegar and alcohol to remove possible stains on the grout; To avoid mold in the environment try to use bleach

Rubberized ceramic floor, unlike the smooth ceramic floor that causes tire noise when the car moves over it, the rubberized ceramic floor does not cause noise. However, despite being a non-slip garage floor, it is not very advisable for use in this environment because its surface is difficult to clean. Rubberized coin floor, the rubberized coin floor is produced from PVC recycling. It is advisable that this type of floor is installed in environments that require large pavements, as its cost-benefit ratio is very attractive to users. In addition, its material provides a non-slip floor for the garage and its installation is very simple which facilitates and reduces the time of labor in the place helping you a lot in relation to this.

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