Crochet Beautiful Cardigan


Anyone who cares about the future of the planet knows that sustainability must be the focus to achieve a better world. Simple ideas like reusing materials that would be discarded can make all the difference to reduce waste production and avoid over-extraction of natural resources. This theme is so popular that many professionals have decided to incorporate it into their interior decoration work, and a beautiful example of how this can be done is by recycling tires to transform them into various decorative accessories. In this post we will see more about it and you can learn how to make a wonderful Crochet Beautiful Cardigan.


Whether in the living room, bedroom or garden, there are plenty of options for environments where you can insert a reused tire and contribute to both the environment and the beauty of the space, so you help the planet and still decorate your home in a super fun way.

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Free Pattern Available: Crochet Beautiful Cardigan

There are plenty of different options for inserting recycled tires in the decoration of your property. They can be used to create various objects, such as puffs, coffee tables, plant pots, benches, decorative accessories, among many other ideas, let your imagination run and you will be surprised. There are also different types of finishes for recycled tires, from traditional painting to coatings with fabrics that allow to completely transform the appearance of tires. Painting can be an excellent option for those who want to decorate tires simply, quickly and without spending a lot. But for this to be possible, it is important to follow some tips during the painting work.


The first is to ensure that the tire is properly cleaned before receiving the paint, and for that it is necessary to wash it with a degreasing product, removing all traces of dust or grease that could compromise the final result of the painting, so pay attention well and clean properly. The most suitable products for painting tires are spray paint, epoxy paint and synthetic enamel, which must be applied in several layers until the desired effect is obtained. Another interesting option to decorate the tires are the coverings that can be made with different materials, such as fabrics, ropes, sisal, wool and several other possibilities.

The coverings give a more sophisticated touch to the tires, and are ideal bets for those who want to leave them in the interiors of the property, serving as puffs or coffee table, for example. Depending on the material chosen, it is possible that the lining can be glued to the tire or tied firmly so as not to run the risk of loosening. If you were excited about the ideas brought up in this text and would like to get your hands dirty to create your own puff made from recycled tires, then read on as we will teach you with a step by step. First write down the materials you will need to make this job:

1 tire; 2 6 mm MDF boards cut into discs; Screws; Drilling machine; Hot glue pistol; 5 kg of 10 mm sisal rope; Scissors and brush and a concentrated sealer. Now that you have the necessary materials, let’s go to the tutorial. How to make recycled tire puff step by step: Check that the tire is properly cleaned and dry; Using the drill, fix the MDF plates on the two ends of the tire in 3 spaced chicks; Then, use the hot glue to fix the sisal in the center of the MDF, do it in the form of a spiral and continue gluing all over the tire; Finally, use the sealer to lower the sisal threads and improve the finish of the puff; Wait an average of two weeks until the product is completely dry before you can use your puff normally.

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