Beyond The Stars


So classic and traditional, Portuguese tiles eventually fell into popular taste and invaded interior decoration. The greatest icon of Portuguese culture has an ancient history linked to nobility and Lusitanian royalty. However, it was not until the 18th century that the artifact began to emerge from the palaces to earn the simplest houses and then the world. The true Portuguese tile can be recognized by the quality of its material and the size of the pieces. Each tile measures 15 x 15 centimeters, has a glazed face thanks to the ceramic cooking process and predominantly blue and white tones.


In this post we will talk more about it and make available the pattern of a beautiful Beyond The Stars. It is very common to see scenes of historical episodes, mythological or religious themes portrayed by Portuguese tiles, turning the whole into a beautiful work of art present in the decoration.

But the mosaic shape is also widespread and is currently a favorite in decoration.

Pattern Available: Beyond The Stars Part 1   Beyond The Stars Other Parts (paid)


And make no mistake thinking that Portuguese tile is always blue and white, the color version is also very successful and makes any environment more cheerful, light and relaxed, the combinations are endless and very beautiful. The striking and drawn face of the Portuguese tile can raise many doubts when composing the decoration of the environment. That’s why we’ve put together some tips that can help you make a rock-and-roll decoration using Portuguese tiles. Check it out: Portuguese tile, like any other type of tile, is very suitable for humid and wet areas, as the material is waterproof and easy to clean.

In this case, kitchen, bathroom and outdoor areas, such as balconies, backyards and even gardens, may venture into using this type of flooring. But it is not limited to these spaces, other environments of the house such as living room and dining room can also benefit from the beauty of the pieces; When composing the decoration it is important to evaluate the color palette that will be used in the environment, based on the colors of the tile so that everything is combined. If you choose the traditional blue and white, the decoration can be designed following shades of blue, white, gray, black and woody tones. If you want, add a splash of color using yellow or red. For colored tiles, prefer a neutral base contrasting with the predominant colors of the flooring;

Portuguese tile can be used to create a prominent area in the environment. For this, magazine half wall or a strip from floor to ceiling. However, beware of the excesses, as the Portuguese tile is by itself striking and flashy enough and can end up causing a visual pollution in the environment making it heavy; If you like Portuguese tiles and want to change the face of your home by spending little and simply, without making dirt, the best option is the stickers. They have a very realistic print and are very easy to apply. However, their durability is shorter;

Another tile option that can be used and mimics Portuguese tile is the larger sized ceramic pieces. They can be used the same way and in the same place, but with the advantage of being cheaper; You can still insert the Portuguese tiles in the decoration – or at least just their appearance – using towels, pillow covers and other decorative objects that bear the pattern of this type of covering;

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