Study of Planet Earth


Not sure which color palette to choose for your decoration? How about using the black and white combination? Be aware that it is a wildcard in decoration and can be applied in various environments: in kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, bathrooms and others. When these two colors are well combined, the result can be really amazing. To do so, consider that white is a sober and impersonal color, while black can leave the environment too charged. For this reason, balance is essential when decorating an environment with the B&W style. We’ll give you tips on this and also the pattern of a beautiful Study of Planet Earth.


Tips for decorating with B&W style
Space: The choice of base color may vary depending on the area of ​​the room, but in general: for small environments choose white as a base, in large environments black can be used for painting walls or even ceiling. Below we will give some tips for you to make your decoration.

Free Pattern Available: Study of Planet Earth

Frames: Use some photographs and illustrations of yourself or your loved ones with slim, elegant black frames. Make the composition by hanging them on the wall interchangeably. Prints: whether in geometric, chevron or poá format, the prints fit perfectly into black and white carpets, pillows, headboards and other fabrics. An important tip for those who want to use this type of decoration but are afraid of the end result is to choose one of the colors as a base and the other for pieces, furniture and objects.


Other materials: To match the B&W style, you can use wood on floors and furniture, metal elements also match the style, as well as mirrors on the walls. More colors: In addition to B&W, you can add a splash of color to take some of the sobriety out of the room. You can use any color you want, use on objects or furniture, I’m sure it will look amazing.

To do so, use small decorative objects such as books, utensils, pillows and so on. Ideally at the beginning of any project is to choose which style of decoration you want for the environment that will be decorated. Contemporary and minimalist style can make a room elegant, working well-marked lines and using colors in a pure way.

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