Blooming Flower Crochet Square Pattern for Blankets


If you want to change the look of your home, but cannot or do not want to paint the wall and make major renovations, a good option may be to bet on colored furniture, in addition to being a very current trend in decoration, they can also be a interesting color point in white or neutral colors. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Blooming Flower Crochet Square Pattern for Blankets.


One of the advantages of colored furniture is that it can match almost any type of decorating style, from the most romantic environments to the most modern, this type of furniture can make you beautiful, which helps you a lot.

To achieve a nice decoration, with color points well placed and very beautiful, without weighing the environment, the ideal is to follow some very simple tips.

The best friend of the colorful furniture is undoubtedly a white wall, in addition to highlighting your object in question, the environment is harmonious and does not weigh. Also avoid placing pieces of very different colors next to each other.

Free Pattern Available: Blooming Flower Crochet Square Pattern for Blankets


Bet, for example, on a key piece for space, a nightstand with a strong color can give personality to the room and also help with organization, taking care only so that the rest of the environment has balanced colors, including the wall and clothes. bed. If you have manual skills you can even bet on restoring old furniture or building your own pallet furniture.

Give a good sanding and, with a few layers of paint and varnish, the furniture becomes another! In addition to the piece being brand new, you will have furniture full of personality, made with little money and totally unique, especially if you choose a vibrant color, like yellow or turquoise blue to paint yours.

In the living room, the highlight piece can even be the sofa, in the middle of a neutral room it can be a good way to use colored furniture to your advantage. In this case, as the rest of the decoration is done in neutral colors, pillows and frames can complete your space. Use complementary colors and few prints.

For the dining room, it is worth betting on the same colored chairs, in a totally clear room, where even the table is white, the orange chairs are a good way out for the color point you are looking for in the environment you are decorating. See how the purple of the luminaires contrasts in an interesting way with the chairs, and although they are very strong colors, they combine and harmonize very well.

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