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It is normal that with the arrival of the cold autumn and even lower temperatures in winter, the plants in your garden suffer a little. Some species adapted to the cold, such as violet, suffer less from the drop in temperature, but either way, you can take some precautions to make the landscaping and gardening in your backyard look beautiful in these seasons too. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Faux Fur Yarn Crochet Blanket Pattern for Dogs.


The ideal to keep your plants always beautiful is that your gardening activities are not interrupted, even in the cold it is important to maintain daily watering as the plants always need water, just decrease the amount of times your plants will receive water per day .

On colder days once it will be enough for the plants, more than that it causes the water to accumulate, having the danger, even, of causing it to develop fungi. Always water in the morning.

Landscaping and gardening professionals recommend that in the months of lower temperature the important thing is to strengthen the resistance of the plants and not to stimulate their growth, for this the fertilizers used at that time should be enriched with potassium and phosphorus, so be aware of this.

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If you prefer, leave it to fertilize during the summer and spring. Also take advantage of autumn and winter to remove weeds and dry or diseased branches so that they don’t get in the way, just avoid removing parts of flowering plants, you could end up damaging your garden. Anyway, if some of your most sensitive plants are in pots, they should be taken to environments protected from the cold.

If you live in a region of the country where the winter is usually more severe, the ideal time to start planning the landscaping is to opt mostly for species adapted to lower temperatures, so keep this in mind. Forget tropical species and bet on perfect love, sunflower and grasses.

Lawns also require more gardening care at this time of year, do not throw soil on them, the ideal is to throw a mixture of sand and a sterile substrate, that way the grass will always be green and very beautiful.

If you notice that the nights are too cold, it is worth betting on an improvised cover for your plants, just take care that the cover, which can be made of plastic or canvas, is above a span beyond the height of the plants, that is important.