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The bedroom is a special place, which we take for rest and leisure, being extremely important for health, since ⅓ of life we ​​spend sleeping. For this reason, it is necessary to think about every detail for the composition of this environment, as it directly influences our daily lives. In general, this room is usually characterized by an intimate and personal style. But, what about the shared room, how can you not lose privacy? Thinking about it, we brought tips on how the room, even shared with another person, can be well planned, harmonious and without losing the individuality of each one, in addition to the tutorial on how to make an incredible Blue Rose Doily. Check out!


Keeping the room with the personality of the residents is a fundamental feature to make the environment cozy and to make it look like the person. For this, some attributes are indispensable such as: balance, organization and functionality.

Check out the following options to make your shared room in a pleasant environment: 1 – The general elements of the room need to be in sync, that is, the combination of colors, furniture and objects is essential.

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2 – The suspended beds are ideal for those who want to optimize the space, especially if it is small and narrow, leaving the room planned and with great style, since it can be used in the decoration, one of the best things in the room. 3 – The accessories are excellent to make the environment more spacious and orderly. Opt for a large mirror that can be used by more than one person. The hangers are true allies when organizing. 4 – The side table with armchair are alternatives for those who do not give up a space for reading or even a more decorated corner. In addition to being versatile furniture, they can be part of the room design and please both people.

5 – Choose a small, practical and functional nightstand that takes up little space. Thus, it contributes to the environment not being loaded with items and helps to maintain a tidier room. People who share a room need to pay attention to the smallest details, so these five basic tips can make a difference in the final result of this room and for people who share it, so pay attention to it. It is good to remember that colors need to be prioritized in neutral tones, to leave a clean and harmonic environment. Other tips to be used and shared: Bespoke furniture; Wallpaper; Stickers; Ceiling lamps; Pictures; Photographs; Plants; Bookcase.

Attention: be careful with excess objects, as it can leave the environment loaded and cause an impression of disorder. Liked? Now you are ready to live in the same room and make it an ideal place for rest and relaxation! You can combine colors, furniture and objects in the shared room. You can use suspended beds because they are ideal for those who want to optimize space, bet on a planned shared room, use accessories to make the environment more spacious and orderly, use clothes racks as they become great allies in the organization of the shared room, use a side table to maximize the space in the shared room, decorate the shared room in the smallest details and much more.

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