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If you have a house with a balcony or terrace and want to make a closure to protect the environments from the weather, know that the glass curtain is an innovative and modern option. The glass curtain is the closing of the porches of the balconies with transparent glass sheets that allow the almost total opening of the environment. You can find on the market several types and models of glass curtain with different opening systems. We separated in our post, some tips on the glass curtain for you to use and adhere to this new way to close the areas and enhance the decor of your home in addition to the tutorial of a beautiful Crochet Camomile Potholder. See some ideas! Glass curtains can have several opening options, so we will help you to identify the types of closures and openings of the glass sheets.


The main opening systems for glass curtains are: European, Stanley and Versatik. The Stanley system for glass curtains has rails through which the glass sheets run, it is the most used today.

In this system, one of the leaves is fixed and the others run towards you. In the Versatik system, the side sheets are fixed while the other sheets run dividing the opening, which is also widely used today. European glassed balconies have a single rail where all the leaves can be moved at a 90 ° angle.

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Through a central pivot, the leaves run alongside each other and accumulate on the side of the gap. Glass curtains for balconies with a European system are practical, as they allow the opening to be completely open, are easy to clean and remain looking new for many years, one of the reasons for being widely used. This type of glass curtain opening is widely used in buildings. If you want, you can also have a beautiful blind. The glass curtains installed on balconies and gourmet spaces help to conserve the furniture and solve the problems of dust, rain and excessive wind, which helps a lot. There are several advantages to installing a glass curtain for a balcony, so you should hire companies specialized in carrying out the work. The glass curtain rails need to be placed perfectly so that the pulleys run correctly.


The glass curtain for the balcony promotes sound insulation, reduces external noise from the street and isolates the sound leak from the apartment, one of its best qualities. Another advantage of the glass curtain for the balcony is the reduction of the entrance of external dust inside the residence, which already helps you a lot. The glass curtain for the balcony when closed isolates the environment from noise, dust and rain. A very important function of the glass curtain for the balcony is the protection against the wind that prevents the entry of unpleasant dirt into the room. The tempered glass of the closing of balconies can present different shades like smoked, green or bluish. The glass curtain for the balcony integrates the ambience with the living or dining room. For you who are looking for an automatic glass curtain it is important that the contracted company provides quality equipment and services.

Observe if the manufacturer complies with the installation deadlines and the guarantee of the works that will be performed. The quality of the automatic glass curtain pulleys is fundamental in the opening and closing performance. Therefore, always demand the guarantee of this material. The operation of the automatic glass curtain is very practical because the retraction of the blades is triggered by a remote control, it does not need to be listening one by one. If you need to make your life easier or do not like to interrupt your activities to open or close the curtain, use the automated system, it makes it easier. The automatic glass curtain makes everyday life easier and speeds up the activity of opening and closing balconies. Always pay close attention to the quality of the glass curtain pulleys, as the proper functioning of the system depends on these parts. Automatic glass curtain pulleys prevent wear on components and eliminate gaps between the glass openings. These pulleys are produced with top quality materials to reduce maintenance of the glass curtain.

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