Crochet Koala Blanket


Those who live in a small house or apartment know: lack of space is a problem that can affect the lives of residents in many ways. Sleeping in a room that barely has space for a wardrobe, for example, can be very stressful, which also occurs in kitchens that prevent you from preparing meals comfortably due to size and many other examples. It was with these problems in mind that the furniture market thought of functional furniture that has the advantage of optimizing space, such as the cooktop stove, the built-in oven and the suspended desk. In this post you will see more about it and will learn from the tutorial that we separate to make a beautiful Crochet Koala Blanket.


The suspended desk, in fact, is one of those latest and most popular furniture models among people who want to live in a comfortable property, which can be done with the help of the right items.

With the suspended desk you not only get a space that can be useful for different purposes, but you also save money and get a practical, well-designed and, most importantly, efficient piece of furniture, even receiving puffs at the bottom to optimize space and gain more places in the environment which helps a lot.

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Free Pattern Available: Crochet Koala Blanket

Precisely because of all this popularity, the market has evolved the concept of a suspended desk and has started to produce variations that are perfect for different needs, but always with the same function: to be as functional and practical as possible. You can easily find hanging desk with panel, hanging desk with drawers, desk hanging on the wall and, in a specific variation for rooms, the desk hanging on the wall, which can also come as a hanging bed with desk, something also very popular and interesting that many choose to be so different.


If you were interested in this great combo of functionality that the suspended desk can offer and therefore can’t wait to have one at home, keep reading our text and check out very valuable information about the furniture and get ready to make the best possible purchase . For those who like to combine the functionality of two pieces of furniture in one piece, the suspended desk with panel is the best in the segment, it will help you a lot. With it you not only guarantee the functionality of the simple desk, but also take home a perfect panel for televisions, which can even be used as a monitor for your notebook at work. The suspended desk with panel also has models with shelves, which makes the furniture even more practical.

This is, therefore, a piece of robust decoration that carries many functions, so the place where it will stay must be very well thought out so that there are no problems such as a visually charged environment or even an unnecessary contrast in the room. The slave hanging on the wall can, in fact, be a series of models, since even the one with the panel must necessarily be affixed directly to the concrete. However, what they usually understand by a desk suspended on the wall is a very specific type, which uses only concrete as a support surface and, therefore, may need steel cables or a small dollar sign to remain straight and support the weight of the objects, so pay attention to these details as they are very important.

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