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It is considered as great furniture for office those pieces that not only help you to carry out the day-to-day tasks, but also break a branch when it comes to organization. And in that sense there is nothing better than the suspended desk with drawer, which in addition to allowing you to study and do other activities on a piece of furniture that already optimizes a lot of space by being affixed to the wall, also offers you the option of storing items that often they end up being thrown around the house, like pens, diaries or even more specific items, like tools. When choosing a sliding bathroom door, you will not have to choose only the material of the door, but the way it will be installed as well. To help you choose the best option, we have selected the most popular types. In this post we will see more about this type of door and you will learn how to make a beautiful Puppy Lovey Crochet.


Check and choose your favorite product: Sliding bathroom door with exposed pulley, a practical way to have the sliding bathroom door is to invest in the apparent pulley. There is a model where the rail is installed over the door, so that it is exposed. Therefore, use the sliding bathroom door with exposed pulley only if you like the style.

However, in order to have this type of sliding door for the bathroom, you need to check if there is enough space to open and close the door, without having any furniture in the way so be aware of that. The bathroom mirror is on the other side.

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In order not to make a mistake when choosing the size, consider the width measurement of the door for the side you intend to place it on, before buying any material. If the wall is not the same size, or is bigger than the door, you will not be able to put a sliding door to the bathroom, stay tuned. Sliding bathroom door, the sliding bathroom door is a model that the door is “hidden” inside the wall, as well as the rails. In this model, you will need to place a whisk (a stop that has a U-shape) that will not leave any crack in the sliding door to the bathroom in sight. There are several ways to make a sliding door for a bathroom. The most common is usually a little laborious, as it consists of breaking half the wall to decrease the thickness, until you have enough space to install the sliding door rail for the bathroom.


Once the door is installed, you can make a very thin drywall wall, just to completely hide the door. However, if you prefer, you can add a cupboard in front, or any other piece of furniture that covers the wooden door, this will help a lot. The important thing is that the decoration is beautiful. Sliding door for bathroom with band, if you do not have space to put a sliding door for bathroom built-in, but do not like the apparent pulley, an alternative is to bet on the sliding door for bathroom with band. The bandô is a structure made of the same material as the door, or of a similar color, that you can use to “hide” the sliding door rails for the bathroom. It is an alternative to make the door as similar as possible to the recessed door.

It is important to remember that for all these types of sliding door to the bathroom, it is best to talk to a professional to ensure that all details are well done. What is the best option for a sliding door for a small bathroom? Have you noticed that the bathrooms are getting smaller? Especially in apartments, isn’t it? So that you can have more space to change, fix your hair and use the sink with tub for the bathroom, the ideal is to put a sliding door for a small bathroom at the entrance and in the box. For suite-style rooms, the sliding glass bathroom door can be a good option. That’s because the clear glass transmits the feeling of spaciousness and will give that touch to the environment. However, use the frosted sliding glass door, which guarantees the privacy of those who use the bathroom.

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