Crocheted Bavarian Pillow


Choosing neutral colors in decoration can be a good idea for those who don’t want to dare so much and for those who prefer to decorate with a slightly more conservative and traditional style. The beige color blends well with this style, which can be adapted to environments with discreet and harmonic colors. Considered as a timeless color, it does not lose sophistication and style, even with the common changes in color trends that change each year. Beige is a color known to convey the feeling of calm, comfort, neutrality and warmth. In this post we will talk more about it and provide the pattern of a beautiful Crocheted Bavarian Pillow.


It is certainly a much easier choice to apply and it combines with colors of different shades. For those who are fans of beige, the ideal is to thoroughly analyze the interior design and try to compose with all the elements of decoration, not only on the wall and coverings, but also in the furniture and accessories of the place. To facilitate your search, We separated some tips from designs that use beige as the predominant color, whether on the walls, curtains, furniture and other decorative details.

Free Available Pattern: Crocheted Bavarian Pillow

One option to get away from traditional painting is a beautiful wallpaper that is based on beige. In its design, the wallpaper can gain a neutral print that does not go against the environment and adds personality along with the decorative accessories. Beige is considered a neutral color so it is easy to combine furniture and other decorative details. Remember that the entry is the home business card, that is, if it has a defined style, everything else should accompany the proposal.


The base of a room may be accompanied by neutral colors such as beige, gray and black. Thus the accessories should stand out in the environment so that it does not look monotonous. Bet on light fixtures, bedding and colorful pictures to give your room more balance. Beige is considered the darling for those looking for a clean style, which is widely used today. The dining room can have a crystal chandelier, mirrored wall and metal finishes. It’s okay to merge two colors into integrated environments. The cool thing about this is the depth effect with the light color in the foreground and the beige that can be used on the back wall.

A lightly decorated toilet appeals to everyone in the house, especially visitors. After all, beige is synonymous with modernity and elegance! For those looking for a TV panel that comes out of the traditional, you can choose another material, such as stone. It allows large pieces without cutouts and can be installed on wide walls, creating a more sophisticated effect on the environment in which it is used. When we talk about a beige kitchen, we might initially think that it is an environment without much personality. But there are projects that prove the opposite, the differential may be in the details, be it in the finishes, in the utensils or even in the woodwork itself.

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