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Moss balls with hanging plants inside, have you ever seen anything like that? Yeah, this kind of arrangement goes by the name of Kokedama and is making the most of interior landscaping success. Of Japanese origin, kokedamas literally mean mossballs and are used to grow different species of plants. But how do you do that? Is easy? It’s difficult? Is it expensive? How to care? Calm! We’ve brought you a complete guide to making kokedamas and step by step how to make some beautiful Elements Cal Crochet Squares, check it out:


Before moving on how to make kokedamas, check out the following list of the main plants that can be used in the technique, so you will already have an idea of ​​which plant to use: Orchids, Cactus, Succulents, Marantas, Kalanchoes, Ferns , Begonias and more.

Free Pattern Available: Elements Cal Crochet Squares

The first step in making a kokedama is to separate the necessary materials, so make a note of each one:


Plant of your choice;
Little stones;
Moss (dry or alive), one option is Sphagnum moss;
Thread or string;

Remove as much of the soil as possible around the root of the chosen plant, but be very careful not to damage the plant; Take a portion of moss, water well and gently wrap the root of the plant with a carefully tying string; Moss will ensure moisture and nutrient absorption by the plant to keep it strong and healthy. Make a dough with substrate, sand and water. This mass should be modeled next to the plant until it becomes an earth ball, proportional to the plant size;

Then wrap this small structure with moss until it completely covers the ball with light pressure; Finish the kokedama using string or string, but be careful not to damage anything. Go around the little ball like a ball of wool. Remember to leave a piece of wire to hang the kokedama. The arrangement is ready! Here’s a tip: Depending on the plant that will be used the materials may change, such as succulents, cacti and orchids.

For orchids, use a specific substrate such as coconut fiber, as well as pine bark to promote a better area of ​​the plant. For succulents and cacti, do not use substrate inside the kokedama, just to cover the outer surface, as moss absorbs too much water and can hinder the development of arid climate plants. After all this, you are ready to use them in your decoration.

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