Mosaic Dream Blanket


It never made so much sense to use the phrase “nothing is created, everything is transformed” as it is today. At a time when the importance of sustainability is on the rise, DIY projects – do it yourself – are increasingly common. They take care of the home, office and home office through pieces, furniture and decorative objects. The best part about relying on recycled furniture in decorating is that a transformed piece is something unique, exclusive, original and 100% personalized. If it’s an older piece even better. It will bring a story behind all the transformation that has gone through. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Mosaic Dream Blanket.


Moreover, when a furniture is recycled there is no need to buy a new one, saving our dear planet’s natural resources and avoiding disposing of those furniture that can be reused just by doing some repairs, even for a new function. . That is, here economy, creativity and sustainability go hand in hand.

Free Pattern Available: Mosaic Dream Blanket

Where to start?
There is no rule of where to start and where to use. You can create a cabinet or sideboard, a drawer or nightstand and even a table. Recycled furniture can also be designed for various environments in the home, such as the kitchen, bathroom, living room, baby’s room and office. Do you know those left over drawers from an old dresser? They can become beautiful dressers, niches, mute servants and side tables. The base may come from a table that is no longer used or from easels.


Through materials discarded by industry and commerce it is also possible to reach a very interesting furniture. This is the case with pallets, for example, which are widely used in decoration today. Widely used in warehouses and carriers, pallets are most often discarded after use. However, with good wood treatment and good paint, pallets can turn out to be super durable and durable furniture such as sofas, beds, cabinets and even desks.

Wooden crates are also famous and darling of furniture recycling, also widely used today, especially for those who prefer a more rustic decoration. Simple and easy to find, wooden crates can be turned into little tables, created dumb and even benches. They can be painted, sanded and varnished for a nice finish.

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