Ellagant White Ornaments


At the time of construction or refurbishment it is important to choose suitable materials so that in future you will not be disturbed. The choice of flooring is one of the questions that may arise. Porcelain tile is preferred when it comes to decoration and practicality. But first you need to know a little more about it. Porcelain tile is a tiled floor and in the market there are endless models and suppliers at your disposal. Check your stamina, environment first, whether it is a wet area or a social room. In this post we will see more about porcelain and you will learn how to make some ellagant white ornaments:


Using it throughout the home, for example, will depend on product performance. In the bathroom, the tendency to stain and slip is much higher than in the bedroom or living room. So that there is no mistake at the time of choice, we have separated some types of porcelain so you know about them:

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Polished: Named for a polish and a layer of protection, it helps to last longer. It has a smooth surface and therefore its brightness is intense. It leaves the modern and very beautiful environment, besides it is indicated for dry areas: rooms, bedrooms, corridors. This is the most common of porcelain tiles, as it is the most used in residential projects.


Enameled: Has an enamel layer on it. May have a smooth, rough, shiny or matt finish. Pay attention to the porcelain tile PEI, which is nothing more than its resistance, as this is one of the most important characteristics. The higher the PEI, the more durable and durable the porcelain glaze is. Struturate: With a stronger finish, it is perfect for wet areas.

Natural: With matt surface, it makes the atmosphere cozy. This type is widely used in commercial projects because it is sturdy and not very slippery. Satin: Finishes with less gloss and therefore has a satin appearance. This model is less tiring to the eyes, because it has less brightness and makes the environment even more cozy, ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Now that you know this, you can start using porcelain in your home.

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