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Do you want to have a more relaxed party for your guests to have fun, but you have no idea? The pool party or pool party may be the option you were looking for at that time. The coolest thing is that the theme can be made for both children’s parties and adult events. What can differentiate are some thematic elements that should be part of the decoration. However, a pool party requires planning and organization before it can be done. You can’t think of a party in this style without taking care. However, as the party model is more relaxed, there are not many rules. In this post you will learn how to organize a pool party and also how to make a beautiful Which Way Filet Blanket.


As some people have difficulty thinking about a pool party, we prepared this post with some of the details that you should pay attention to when starting to organize the event. So, check out how to plan a pool party and learn some of the things needed to have a pool party. Shall we start organizing your pool party right now?

How to plan a pool party
Before having a pool party, you need to plan the event with every detail in mind. So, if you want your guests to have fun, follow our party organization tips so that everything goes as expected.

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Choose a date taking into account the weather forecast
Rain can be a big problem for anyone organizing a pool party. Therefore, when choosing the date of the event, the ideal is to check the weather forecast to avoid unpleasant surprises at your party. Set the location according to the number of guests. The number of guests must determine the location of the pool party, since you need to choose a place that accommodates everyone very well. In addition, you need to check whether it is necessary to book in advance, pay a fee or whether you need to rent the entire space for your party.

Select a theme for the party
It is not because the party is at the pool that you cannot choose a theme for the event. There are several options such as Hawaiian party, luau, time to surf, among others that you can choose from. If you don’t want to choose a theme, bet on colorful decorative items for your party. Worry about safety equipment. A party held at the pool requires some safety procedures because of the risk of drowning and other accidents. See what you need to have on hand when organizing the pool party.

At parties held by the pool, people often use sports such as volleyball and paddleball, inflatable toys that stay in the water and other activities that can be practiced in the pool as games. The pool party cake doesn’t have to be a big job like other themes, especially because the focus of the event is on the fun of the guests and the pool. Therefore, a naked cake would be a good option for the moment. Do you want your guests to receive a souvenir souvenir from the party? How about making something edible, like sweets and chocolates for example? Another excellent option is to deliver a holiday kit with hat / cap and toy sunglasses.

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