Highland Sunburst


The glass coffee table can produce different visual effects in the decoration. In addition, the coffee table is a functional piece of furniture, as it can be used to serve snacks, decorate the environment, in the reading corner, etc. The functionality of the table is directly linked to the chosen style of decoration and its need; the smaller the environment, the more functional the coffee table becomes. The glass coffee table, as its name suggests, is a table that attracts attention from all sides. In this post we can see more about it and you can make a beautiful Highland Sunburst.


So it is necessary to use elements that conceptualize the decoration of the environment as a whole. The choice of the coffee table model is also essential to keep the environment harmonized and beautiful, in addition to serving very well for placing snacks or a good book. The glass coffee table of the design below perfectly matched the elements of the decor.

The raw and earthy tones leave the atmosphere warm and match perfectly with a rug and a wooden base that can be used on the coffee table. Round coffee tables make the atmosphere more relaxed, as it contrasts with the seriousness of the designs of the other furniture.

Free Pattern Available: Highland Sunburst

In addition, the round tables are very charming, are in high demand today and are on the rise. It is possible to compose the decoration with different styles. See in the project below that the furniture assumes different designs, some more modern, others rustic and some with retro style. The glass coffee table made of wood recalls the past, a period when simplicity reigned in the decoration of the coffee table.


An important detail in the decoration of the glass coffee table is to contribute to harmonize the environment, you can for example use a glass coffee table with retro style, which will give a special and very beautiful touch to your room. A vase with flowers allows the decoration of the room not to be loaded and matches perfectly with the concept of retro decoration.

Searching for images of this example on the internet you can see that the color of the walls, the sofa and the curtain makes the environment lighter. The glass coffee table has straight lines that perfectly match the concept of modern decor. The glass coffee table can for example have books and decorative objects on it that will give an incredible touch to it.

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