Totally Tropical Coasters


Whip up a set of these pretty tropical flower coasters next time you need a quick hostess gift. These make much-appreciated gifts and are great for protecting tabletops from summertime beverages.. This fact can often be unhealthy for the well-being of the home and the family’s quality of life, simply because the residence does not include such a decision for you. The little mess room is often not a room, but the home garage, the guest room, the toilet, service area, etc. In this post you can see more about it and also learn how to make beautiful Totally Tropical Coasters.


Environments that were designed to have a specific functionality, end up becoming a corner to dump everything we do not know where to place, thus damaging not only the decoration of the place, but also the functionality of it, which is not good. Consequences of this: Stress, loss of time, visual pollution and negative energies.

This at first may seem insignificant, but precisely because of this, suddenly the house can be charged with bad energy, a weight caused by the mess that has been accumulated and the discomfort of allocating a room or environment in the home, to store different volumes.

Free Pattern Available: Totally Tropical Coasters

Items that are usually chosen to fill the mess room because there is no place for them can vary, but generally do not escape the rule: Tools; Sports equipment; Toys; Gardening Products; Cleaning products; Pet items; Bags and purses; Travel items (beach chairs, parasols, etc.) and festive decoration items (Christmas, birthdays).


Well, we believe that the first step to be taken in these cases, in favor of a better organization of space, things and a cleaner environment at home, is to separate objects by category, and if possible, arrange them in labeled boxes. , to facilitate any withdrawal that is necessary at some point and to know where each thing is.

Have you ever thought about taking the dog’s cold clothes and looking for hours? Cleaning products, which can be harmful to children, should be kept in a box with difficult reach, in order to preserve the children as much as possible, which can enter the environment whenever you want to look for a toy or something like that. The same goes for tools, which can be dangerous and hurt children, as most have points and are heavy.

Finally, items that are used seasonally by the family, such as Christmas decorations or beach chairs, for example, can optimize and clean up the home environment, being stored in a self storage locker. This is an interesting way out of the mess room, as it is an extra space where only the customer has access. Organize your home and get rid of the messy room, optimizing the decoration and the well-being of the environment, so everything stays in place and you keep the house tidy.

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