Prairie Flower Quilt


Do you know the difference between quilt and patchwork? Patchwork is a form of embroidery that involves sewing pieces of fabric into a larger design. And this design is usually based on repeated patterns constructed with different shapes of fabric (which may be of varying and different colors). These shapes are carefully measured and cut, basic geometric shapes that make it easy to join. Although patchwork has its origins, the desire to use scraps of fabric or rework old clothes, it has evolved into an art form in many countries around the world.


Some very beautiful examples of the art of patchwork can be seen in museum collections, or in private homes, where quilts can be passed through several generations. People often confuse about what patchwork and quilting is. Both are edge techniques that allow us to create products from a variety of elements. However, in each case different methods may be used.

Free Pattern Available: Prairie Flower Quilt

So what is the difference between quilting and patchwork exactly? Patchwork is a technique that connects multicolored or knitted fabric fragments in a single band. Quilting is the creation of a multi-layer quilted product with a decorative surface, made using different sewing techniques. These two beautiful and delicate crafts are widely used and sought after today, and have been adapting over time.


Comparing the two concepts, it should be noted that patchwork as a separate technique, which uses a different technique, and quilting is a harmonious combination of various sewing techniques (the products obtained in this case have the name ie quilts). .

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Quilting is a technique used in handicrafts and means padding, it is for thousands of years together with Patchwork, partner in the world of crafts.

Very sought after and very famous the technique requires precision and whimsy, which values ​​the work because they are unique and handcrafted. Imported fabrics and materials are often used, thus creating a beautiful work entirely handmade.

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