Shoji Crochet Blanket


The Blanket is a very popular accessory today. The blanket is for days when the temperature is not so low and even when it is. There are several models available to buy, for both boys and girls. Blankets are usually decorated with children’s themes, drawings or characters when made for children.


The making of a blanket is simple and we bring you this beautiful Shoji Crochet Blanket. You can make the blanket for your bedroom or even your living room, as a gift or even to sell and have that extra income at the end of the month.

The production of the Shoji Crochet Blanket is simple and the cost is low, making the sale of the accessory a great opportunity to increase monthly income. Check out how to do it in the tutorial available at the end of the post.

Shoji Crochet Blanket, as we know it is one of the pieces that cannot be missed in the coldest seasons, not even when the weather is not so cold, because when the cold comes, everyone will never want to be warm in bed or on the couch, with very warmth and comfort, and this is exactly what this Blanket brings.


There are several models and suggestions, colors and even different details, points of the most varied that can be created beautiful works in blanket, the placement of beautiful appliques in flowers, bows, satin ribbons, embroidery and lace making the work very beautiful.

There are creative formats that can be made into blankets, exciting ideas for you to do not only for your baby’s layette or for yourself, but also to give as a gift to someone, or even to sell and have that extra income at the end of the month.

Free Pattern Available: Shoji Crochet Blanket